Yogurt diet for weight loss 3 kg per week


There is no doubt that there are many who talked about the diet of yogurt and how it helps to reduce the weight of at least 5 kilo per week, but rely on the yogurt only as a diet or diet for a short period of time in order to reduce a few kilograms of weight It is unhealthy at all because the normal weight-loss rate is 2 to 3 kilo per week. Losses should be body fat, not body structure of the body’s muscles, vitamins and body fluids, so any diet that follows a shortcut to lose weight should We look closely at it. Is it suitable for the health of the body? Does it have any negative effect on the body? Will it decrease the body fat or is it just a diet to lose the body of liquid and result in a false descent on the balance? Look at your face in front of the mirror Do you see your face pale? Can you practice your daily life while following this diet? Does the diet follow any exercise at all?

How to lose weight from 2 to 3 kg by following the yogurt diet
In this article, we will show you how yogurt can help you reduce 2 to 3 kilograms during the week and even keep that rate for a long period of time without falling into the trap of weight stability. Stop but not just rely on the yogurt unit as a source of food for a limited period of time but will help you add yogurt to your diet to help you to lose weight effectively and success without relying on yogurt alone but by adding different foods for weight loss.

It is known that yogurt has many nutritional benefits, including that it is one of the main sources that provide the body with calcium and vitamin D as well as rich in protein, which is the main catalyst for the burning process of fat and therefore be handled by women after the age of 40 to make up the body calcium they need to prevent osteoporosis And the ease of breaking it also stimulates the process of burning fat especially in that period Studies have also shown that eating yogurt helps to reduce abdominal fat significantly, as studies at the University of Tennessee in 2005 that the yogurt three times a day and added to the diet program they follow E for weight loss helps them burn 61% of body fat more than individuals who follow dietary diets free of yogurt and calcium-containing diets. Yogurt also benefits people who aim to increase the size and mass of muscle and strengthen its structure and will show you the following are some of the ways you can By adding yogurt to your diet to effectively and safely and safely reduce your weight.

Diet helps you lose 2 to 3 kilos per week without weight stability:

The breakfast
A cup of low-fat yogurt adds a spoonful of honey (it helps to stimulate the process of fat burning successfully because it is a protein and one of the triggers of burning and honey during the morning provides the body necessary to maintain the level of sugar in the blood and thus stimulate the process of burning successfully) Boiled + quarter of bread made of whole grain.

the lunch
Eat a piece of roasted red meat, free of fat and sprinkled in a cup of yogurt before the condition that the yogurt is free of fat and can replace the piece of red meat with chicken breast grilled and dipped in a cup of yogurt free fat + a dish of green salad with the addition of half a cup of yogurt and can be dispensed Add only a lemon juice + quarter of bread made of whole grain.

the dinner
Boiled eggs + one quarter of bread made of whole grain + 1 cup of yogurt, plus half a lemon juice (lemon can be dispensed with people suffering from infections, stomach ulcers or any stomach disorders).


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