Ways to clean the body of toxins


Human beings are considered to be the most vulnerable to disease. They often suffer from exhaustion, fatigue, pain, headaches, indigestion, skin and hair problems, and dysfunction of a member. All of these diseases result from a group of toxins accumulated in the body.

There are many organs that can rid the body of toxins such as liver, lungs, kidneys, and bitterness, but because of the presence of a large number of pollutants today, it is necessary to follow ways to rid the body of these toxins, and in this article we will address the causes Toxins in the body, and disposal methods.

Toxins in the body
• Radiation from cellular devices, television, and computer.
• Smoke produced by factories, cars, burning plastics.
• Drink soft drinks, alcohol, dyed juices, smoke, and algae.
• Preservatives found in many canned and ready foods.
• Some types of medical drugs.
• Detergents are used daily to clean houses.
• Eat foods that contain a huge amount of oils and fats.

1. Ways to clean the body of toxins Drinking plenty of water, you should drink more than two liters of it a day; it cleans the body and get out toxins with him in the form of sweat, or urine. Eat plenty of vegetables, because they contain a wide range of fibers that can dissolve toxic fats, remove them in the form of waste from the digestive system, and most types of vegetables that can clean toxins and remove onions, garlic, pepper, tomato, broccoli and cucumber.
2. Eat lots of fresh fruit, such as apples, bananas, citrus fruits and melons.
3. Eat plenty of fresh natural juices prepared home; they help to stimulate the work of both kidneys, liver, and thus rid the body of toxins.
4. Exercise on a daily basis; sport is a spiritual and healthy nourishment of the body, it activates the organs in the body to do its work, and also release toxins in the form of sweat.
5. Eat non-roasted or unsalted nuts; they contain a range of nutritional values that can help members to get rid of toxins.
6. Eat plenty of legumes and make them daily on the table, such as wheat in bread, or prepare some kinds of soups from oatmeal, beans, and lentils.
7. Eat some natural herbs such as bananas, thyme, marmalade, and green tea. The elements in addition to antioxidants work together to cleanse the body of toxins, and prefer to drink these herbs on the saliva. Eat fresh fish and keep away from the unknown fish source, especially as they have emerged many species of fish that grow in the wastewater.
8. Stay away from smoking, drinking soft drinks, alcohol, fast food.

There are a lot of common and wrong methods to get rid of body toxins. We all hear ads that recommend getting rid of colon toxins or cleaning the liver by doing a program of fluids for two weeks. These methods all call for the elimination of toxins from the body but they are ineffective. Some people think that they benefited These methods are ineffective and are very harsh on our bodies. Until now, I have not heard of any doctor reporting the presence of toxins in the colon of one of his patients, and that the gravel we see after the process of cleaning the liver by olive oil is only an intensification of olive oil, which was dealt with in advance. Fasting is considered to be more than one or two days without the intake of protein, disrupting the first and second stages of detoxification, which may last for several months.

You are always exposed to toxins, which get worse when you live near contaminated places, exposure to pesticides, eating unhealthy foods, drinking unclean water, living in a house that is exposed to mold and moisture, and the body also produces accumulated toxins to be eliminated, Worse when you are suffering from digestive problems or suffer from sinuses and stress, as well as exposure to viruses, the period after surgery, lack of sleep, fatigue, including exercise exhausting.

In other words, there is a daily amount of body cleaning which you have to do based on a number of different things. This means that you need to follow different methods to get rid of toxins and in different days depends on your work and your psychological situation. The sleep period is the basis of the process of cleaning the body from The feeling that you wake up in the morning and how long your body needs to recover is one indication of how your body works to get rid of toxins, and there is nothing worse than getting up and feeling that you did not just sleep at all.


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