Ways to build muscle fast


Muscle Building muscles in the body means amplifying all the major muscles present in the human body. The body with the massive muscle structure is a measure of body beauty and a sign of its strength. Young people are quick to exercise to build their muscles. Muscle building is through exercise with specialized exercises that work to inflate the muscles of the body. These exercises are repetitions of a specific movement that straining the muscles and working to tighten them.

The sport of bodybuilding
Is the main sport to inflate the muscles of the body, they rely on muscle exercises and a diet rich in protein is essential. Bodybuilding exercises depend on lifting heavy weights (such as iron and hand weights) frequently for muscle stress. The muscle begins to contract because of the great effort shown. The benefit of food containing high protein content rebuilds the damaged muscle fibers more and more vigorously than It was. Held for the sport of bodybuilding competitions so that where competition is a comparison between the bodies of competitors in terms of the magnitude of the muscle and broken down.

The Sport Fitness Sport Fitness
Is a sport similar to bodybuilding, in which the muscles are amplified, but less than the sport of bodybuilding, where the practitioners focus on the sport on the composition and composition rather than amplified, and the exercises vary from the sport of bodybuilding exercises that it does not rely on the load of heavy weights mainly , but exercises benefit from body fitness.

Strength Sport Strength is a sport that relies heavily on heavy weights. It does not focus on the shape and detail of the muscle, but only its ability to carry heavy weights (which is directly proportional to the size of the muscle). The competition is about the amount of weight borne by repeating one of the three exercises: squatting, exercise and lethal exercise, and exercise chest pressure, and depends on the exercise on all exercises that help to increase the weight raised.

The muscles are divided into five categories, which are the muscles of the arms (divided into the two-headed muscle, the triceps, the forearm, the muscles of the shoulders, the muscles of the back, and the muscles of the leg.) The exercises used for each muscle group vary, Back muscles for example differ from leg muscle exercises, and so on.

The muscles are used to rebuild the fibers, as the body takes advantage of the amino acids found in the protein to restore muscles (whose fibers also consist of muscle fibers, Of amino acids), muscle building is restored to be bigger and stronger than before; to adapt the muscle with repeated effort obtained.

Concentration in the muscle during exercise
One of the most important factors that affect the quality of the exercise and its results is the focus in the muscle that is exercised only the other, where the person must feel the tightening of the muscle during the exercise. One of the common mistakes among bodybuilding practitioners is weight lifting regardless of the muscles used during the exercise. For example, in leg muscles exercises the person relies on the lower back muscle more than the leg muscles, and this is not required, but must focus on the muscles Leg to be tight during exercise, to ensure the results of the muscles of the leg, and to avoid serious injuries such as cartilage slide in the lower back muscles.


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