Watch out for these harmful foods during pregnancy


During pregnancy, women should be concerned with the proper nutrition that benefits their body and the fetus. It is important to be aware of healthy, healthy and complementary foods. In order to help the fetus develop and grow naturally and properly, we have brought many and many useful foods during pregnancy to your health and your baby’s health. .

There are many things that women should be aware of during pregnancy, such as those related to the state of health, and there is also an important aspect of the nutrition of women during pregnancy

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But there are some foods that the pregnant woman is forbidden to eat because of the damage it may cause during that period and can be replaced by some other foods with great nutritional value.

Examples of foods that are forbidden to pregnant women are:

1. Fast food
As fast food contains large amounts of saturated fat and calories and will lead to high cholesterol (LDL) and reduce the proportion of cholesterol (HDL) during the second trimester and increase the weight of the fetus more than normal.

And the size of the fetus larger than the normal weight may lead to subjecting the mother to Caesarean birth and may lead to the risk of the fetus diabetes and heart disease later and that these meals have harmful effects on the brain of the fetus and may lead to the birth of children with disabilities because of the absence of these foods On folic acid necessary for the growth of embryos.

And can be caused by food poisoning in pregnant women due to poor hygiene during the preparation of these foods also characterized by foods that contain high percentage of salts, which leads to the risk of injury to pregnant women with high blood pressure and retention of fluid inside the body and swelling of the limbs.

And can be replaced by eating vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals needed by the body of pregnant women to complete the normal development of the fetus.

2. tuna
Pregnant women should reduce their intake of tuna because canned tuna contains amounts of methyl mercury, which is a heavy, toxic metal and high in tuna. This metal affects the central nervous system of the fetus in the mother’s womb. This ability of the metal permeates the nerves very quickly.

It can lead to disorders in children’s mental development and delayed education because of the impact of the metal. This effect may last up to 3 years of age and can also lead to premature birth.

Therefore pregnant women are advised not to eat canned fish, especially during pregnancy and replaced by eating fresh fish with high nutritional value.

3. Unsweetened milk
Unpasteurized or non-pasteurized milk and its derivatives because it contains Listeria bacteria which cause serious health problems such as headache, fever, vomiting, nausea, muscle aches, cramps, inability to discriminate, abortion, premature birth. The immune system of pregnant women.

It is especially recommended during pregnancy to eat pasteurized and boiled milk to ensure that it is free from the bacteria of Listeria, especially during pregnancy.

4. Cheese unpasteurized
This type of non-pasteurized cheese contains Listeria bacteria that directly affect the health of the fetus. These types of cheese are an ideal environment for the growth of such bacteria, especially blue cheese.

5. The raw liver
The liver should be avoided especially during the early stages of pregnancy because it does not contain retinol, a form of vitamin A, which affects the development and growth of the fetus and causes fetal deformation. The US Food and Drug Administration has classified it as a major effect on fetal health. It causes heart and vascular abnormalities As well as bones and muscles and may cause such abnormalities to abortion.


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