Utility of drinking water for public health


The consumption of water in the body increases its moisture, detoxifies, helps to lose weight, and ensures that members function properly and smoothly, but what methods and advice should be followed to increase the amount of water consumed?

Provide water in a simple and easy way
To avoid opening the refrigerator and drinking a bottle of soft drinks or a glass of juice, it is recommended that the refrigerator be filled with cold water bottles, placed in the front side of the refrigerator, and the cans of juices and other beverages should be hidden in the back. reach.

Add fresh fruit
Some natural flavors can be added to the treated water, such as strawberries, lemons, oranges, cucumber and berries, to add a beautiful view of the water, and to provide many vitamins and nutrients for water.

Do not drink the full dose once
You do not have to wait for someone to feel thirsty to drink water, but rather to get the body to start a day with a small amount of water, so during the day, to avoid making the idea of drinking water boring and a must.

Eat more foods containing water
Such as watermelon, cucumbers and strawberries, so that they contain a lot of water inside them, which increases the amount of water in the body when ingested.

Eat a glass of water before each meal
Drinking one cup of water before meals increases the amount of water in the body, helps digestion, and reduces the intake of food, which contributes to weight loss.

Install water plants
This means that people provide water in different places, such as the bedroom, the office, and the sitting room, to ensure that they take adequate amounts of water, rather than inaction and laziness to go and fill a glass of water each time.

Water increases metabolic processes. The body is almost entirely made of water, hard to believe, but everything in your body is floating in the suspended water. Many body functions require the presence of water as part of the equation to function properly.

Water cleans the body. The liver is an amazing and multifunctional device, one of which is that it works on absolute fat cracking to be used as a source of energy. But when the water level and body moisturization are reduced to 80%, the liver and kidneys have great difficulty performing their functions and filtering out thick blood. Since kidney function preserves the liver functions that all sustain life, the liver does all it can to function as a kidney.

If the liver can not function, the body will not be able to break fat and turn it into energy at the rate we need, which is not good for the body fat rate.

In order to follow a healthy diet and exercise effectively, you must maintain a high level of moisturizing, so that fats can be released into the bloodstream and can be divided into proteins, which is very important for muscle building, this simple equation larger amounts of water means less fat And more amounts of muscle.

Therefore, you must drink at least half the body weight “Pound” using an ounce. For example, a person weighing 150 pounds should drink 2,126.21 grams of water a day, but not at once, but throughout the day. Water must always be at hand.


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