Treatment of nasal congestion


If you suffer from annoying nasal congestion and do not tolerate it and want to get rid of it quickly and effectively we are through the site of self-esteem and through this article we will show some of the highways and very important to know how to get rid of nasal congestion quickly and follow it with us so you can From dealing properly with nasal congestion if you get it especially as we are in the days when the temperature changes and there is no stability and this is the most frequent exposure to cold, flu and nasal congestion.

Treatment of nasal congestion quickly:

Jumping: Jumping up helps you feel comfortable for at least 8 seconds, and sometimes you have ten or more leaps that make you feel able to breathe normally.

2 – Eat lemon juice, which is if it gives you the feeling of some of the burning, but the placement of a drop to two drops in each nostril will help you feel comfortable very quickly

3. Vitamin C: You should eat plenty of foods, fruits and juices that contain a high proportion of vitamin C as it helps to reduce and relieve the congestion of the nose and feeling comfortable

4. Vaseline: The use of Vaseline on your chest and under your nose also helps to relieve the congestion of the nose and is a good way to help you sleep

5 – take a hot bath and inhalation of steam, you can also boil water in a container and inhalation of steam resulting from it as the steam works to clean and open and reduce the mucus in the nose

6 – Exercise: As the exercise sends to the brain signal that you need more air and thus brain freshener order to stop the secretion of mucus and reduce swelling in the nasal passages to get the proportion of air

7 – Drink hot and hot drinks as it helps to clean the sinuses and relieve pain and reduce the degree of congestion in the nose

8 – You should get a lot of rest even if you have to take a vacation and sleep all day because this will greatly help the speed of healing, and you should use nasal drops and breathing from your mouth and you must here lipstick lip cream because it inevitably will be exposed To drought

9 – kindness and calm at the output of mucus because the effort multiplied here will weaken and slow the immune system and prolong the period of disease

10 – There is a simple exercise can reduce the disease through it by pressing the area between the eyebrows and upper palms and upper massage

11. Keep away from milk products and milk because they increase mucus production and prolong the disease.

We have provided some quick solutions for you to follow when you have a nosebleed and if you do not find any of these methods with you should go immediately to consult your doctor to get appropriate treatment.


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