Pregnant women in the first half of pregnancy

19 weeks pregnant Diet and Precaution Plan

This is a pregnancy model for pregnant women or a diet for pregnant women can be used as a diet for pregnant women to lose weight without fatigue or deprivation or the formation of any risk to your health or the health of your fetus. To enjoy a healthy and slim body without fat or slimming or gestational diabetes and no risk to the fetus from obesity or lack of necessary nutrients and nutrients necessary for your child, and to be able after pregnancy to restore your body leaner simpler and easier. This diet is divided into three main meals only, but it is rich and saturated and for dieting:

First: Breakfast.
Bread loaf + 2 eggs + spoon butter + milk cup preferably not full fat + cup fresh juice + apple.
Second: Lunch.
Bread loaf or pasta dish + half chicken or half kilo grilled fish or a quarter kilo meat + cup soup + vegetable dish + 2 tablespoons butter.
Third: Dinner.
Half a loaf of brown bread + 50 grams of cheese, preferably cheese + a cup of milk + 2 fruit fruits such as apples, pears or oranges.

Important Tips:
It is always recommended to end each diet on the importance and necessity of water for humans, especially pregnant women, pregnant women must take at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. It is also necessary to continue to drink milk (milk) continuously provided that it is not full-fat so as not to affect the diet. Pregnant women should not be satisfied with this, and drink plenty of juices and liquids, provided they do not use sugar or resort to alternatives if necessary.
It is preferable for women to use pregnant dieters to have a diet program divided into five meals or more, to avoid the occurrence of poor digestion or weight of the stomach because of filling or eating greedily because of not eating anything from a long time. For this, you can search the pregnant section of the magazine to select the appropriate system.
It should also be noted here that this diet suitable for the first half of pregnancy, because the fetus in this period needs large amounts of iron and stored in the liver to make it for 6 months after birth. It is advisable to consult with the attending physician in selecting suitable pregnant women, and whether it is possible to resort to dietary supplements with dieting.

Types of weight gain for pregnant women:

Pregnant plus by pregnancy.
Because of the abundance of non-useful foods, some diseases of the endocrine, lack of movement.

This type may cause the mother to develop diabetes during pregnancy.

Her weight was normal and then increased in pregnancy by more than 8-12 kg.
This may be due to some women’s imaginations that extravagance is beneficial to the fetus or may be due to an increase in pregnancy blood pressure in what is known as septicemia.

This type is also a threat to both mother and fetus.

How to maintain the weight of a pregnant woman or a special diet for weight loss?
Keep in mind the amount of calories needed by the mother and the fetus and not reduce them to the extent that harm either or lead to a drop in blood sugar level of the mother and the occurrence of fainting or fatigue.

This can be divided into six meals a day:
Three main meals.
Three sub-meals between the main meals.

Main meals for pregnant women:
Breakfast :
Text my loaf of bread or two slices of toast Add to five spoons of cheese beans one boiled egg.
Lunch :
Two slices of meat or half a chicken or two fish or a box of tuna, as well as green salad and boiled vegetables.
Dinner :
In this meal you can choose between repeating one of the previous two meals.


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