Orange diet to lose weight

ripe oranges

Lose 5 kilos of grease with orange juice in a week of fact and a successful system we offer to you on our site. You should not return it until after a month, while committing to drinking two liters of water a day and walking from half an hour to an hour.

Lose 5 kilos of grease with orange juice in a week
Food Program

First day
A glass of orange juice, a toast toasted bread and a boiled egg
the lunch:
Orange fruit and a quarter of a loaf of grilled chicken breast
the dinner:
2 orange fruit

the second day
the breakfast:
1 cup orange juice and 1 skimmed yoghurt
the lunch:
3 orange fruits, 3 dried figs and boiled egg with a quarter of a loaf of bread
the dinner:
Slice toast bread and a teaspoon of skimmed white cheese and orange fruit

Third and fourth day:
the breakfast:
1 cup orange juice
the lunch:
Fish 2 grilled with a green salad platter
the dinner:
Two orange fruits

Fifth and Sixth Day:
the breakfast:
1 cup orange juice with skimmed yogurt
the lunch:
Grilled meat with orange as desired and a green salad dish
the dinner:
A slice of bread and a teaspoon of low fat cheese and an orange

the seventh day:
the breakfast:
Two orange fruits with a cup of skimmed milk
the lunch:
1/4 cup grilled chicken and 3 tablespoons rice and sauteed vegetables
the dinner:
A cup of orange juice with a quarter of a loaf of bread and a piece of cheese.

Important notes before following fruit labels:
1 – fruits intended by the penitential are only pears, apples, oranges and tangerines.
2 – Vegetables referred to as fins are cucumbers, cabbages, spinach, lettuce, zucchini, coriander, watercress, peas, okra, parsley, eggplant and beans. These vegetables are eaten fresh or cooked with the soup without oil.
3- During dieting, eggs should be boiled only, and the milk should be low or skimmed only.
4- It is necessary to refrain from following the diet of fruits completely from eating sugar or sweetening, and the same with regard to honey.
5 – preferably body weight daily in the morning, after entering the bathroom and light sleep clothes and weight registration to encourage the self to continue is a harsh and difficult diet.


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