muscles of the body and how to maintain them strong


The muscles in most young people are an important part of trying to maintain it in the best cases. The muscles of the body help the person to carry heavy weights and carry out difficult physical activities easily, in addition to forming some aesthetic and formality for them. In various ways and means, and this is what we will talk about in this subject, which is how to maintain the muscles of our body strong.

Keeping the muscles of the hippocampus strong The ways to keep our muscles strong are many, they are varied between exercises and meals, and follow the healthy methods and away from the wrong and negative practices that affect our body in general and muscles in particular.

We will talk about exercises useful for the muscles of the body, including: exercises running to help the body to reach levels of activity well and strengthen the muscles of the thigh and feet, and do exercises pressure, which in turn helps to strengthen the muscles of the chest mainly and the muscles of the hand and muscles of the back and abdomen as well as useful for the heart muscle, Also featured in this exercise is that it can be done anywhere and it does not need sports tools to do.

Exercises that can be done at home exercises muscle tension, which is characterized by its simplicity and usefulness of the body, and go to sports clubs for bodybuilding and exercise on various sports tools and the work of many exercises that help maintain strong muscles by following the instructions and advice of trainers competent to get maximum Taking advantage of the rest after taking exercise to avoid the process of exhaustion and stress of the body beyond its capacity and to get the full mark in the process of building and strengthening muscles.

Proper food to strengthen muscles
Building and strengthening muscles through meals and diets, such as: Maintaining healthy foods, especially proteins, such as milk, cheese, meat, and fish. Protein is a major component of each human body cell and is also a source of energy. , Eating fruits in general and containing vitamin C in particular because of the great benefit to the body and increase the activity rate in the body, avoid foods that are harmful to some extent, which contain fats and cholesterol at high levels, maintain drinking large quantities and sufficient water, when It contains basic ingredients and useful and also try to olive oil, especially in the area of shoulders and joints because it will increase the letha and reduce the tangles and collisions. Do not forget that we are generally to maintain my health system and healthy diet and physically, and to avoid negative and wrong food and physical practices that can affect our bodies in general and on our muscles in particular.

Ways to maintain the body
• Preserving vitality and activity: The person who sits for hours long must not forget his body, and work to rest at every time, and exercise to accelerate some of the circulatory system, and the introduction of air to the body to feel active.
• Drink enough water: Water is a high proportion of the human body, so the body will not be able to complete its tasks unless it has enough water, so the individual is advised to drink 8 glasses of water on a daily basis, and eat foods containing the proportion Of water.
• Shower with cold water: Cold water activates the circulation of blood, which gives the body activity, and improves the mood of the person, so it is recommended to work cold baths not to exceed five minutes each.
• Exercise and Yoga Exercises Yoga exercises help strengthen the body’s immunity, prevent disease, and relieve tension.
• Dependence on a healthy diet: Eating a few calories helps the individual to maintain his health, and reduces the accumulation of fat that causes many diseases, and it is better to include this system all elements, because food is the basis for the preservation of the body.



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