Maintain the skin


People may want to have a healthy and beautiful skin, especially women. However, the skin may be exposed to many factors that cause harm to it. Women may not have enough time to look after their skin properly, but they can follow certain healthy daily steps or habits to prevent their skin from being harmed. User time is limited to processing and returning them as they were.

Skin care tips
Exercise regularly and daily, it will help your skin to maintain its health, and prevent it from sagging and wrinkles, and you can do exercises that stimulate the circulation of blood, and thus provide the necessary food and oxygen for renewal and vitality.

• Take enough sleep every day, this will make it more comfortable and prevents dark circles from appearing under your eyes.
• Do not expose your skin to the hot sun, and you can use sunscreen with good quality and medical, as harmful sun rays cause wrinkles and skin cancer.
• Do not put on your skin any creams or powders of unknown origin, you should choose good qualities that do not harm your skin, and do not use cosmetics for others, so as not to get yourself the germs and skin diseases and skin.
• Keep your skin moist throughout the day, so you can use some natural moisturizers that nourish the skin and prevent it from drying out.
• Avoid some bad habits, such as smoking that kills the freshness of your skin, and drinking alcohol that causes the skin many problems such as wrinkles and cracks, and eating large amounts of caffeine will also cause dehydration of the skin, and eating large amounts of fat and sugars.
• Eat healthy foods that contain all the essential vitamins for your skin, such as vitamin C and vitamin E. Also, take enough water daily to keep your skin moist and beautiful. Wash your face well with facial lotion before going to sleep. Sleeping with cosmetics is very dangerous for skin health and beauty. It is also important to keep your surroundings clean, pillows and blankets.
• Keep your breath good throughout the day, and keep you from worrying and tense because they hurt the skin, and are infected with wrinkles and pimples.

• Natural recipes to preserve the skin You can take care of your skin by putting some natural recipes useful to them, including: Put a quantity of honey on the skin regularly, because honey helps to moisturize the skin and save bacteria and bacteria, in addition to it helps to protect them from the problem of wrinkles.
• Mix apple cider vinegar with water and put on face daily, it helps to remove dead skin from the skin.
• Massage the skin with olive oil for a few minutes, as it contains vitamin E important to the skin, and is a good moisturizer.

How to make your skin net:

Keep it clean: One of the most important steps to get a clear and clear skin is to keep it clean. Women should be alerted to the danger of keeping cosmetics on the skin all day long. Do not remove them and clean the skin well before sleeping. Night prevents the skin from completing the process of building the cells and replenish the damaged ones, and prevent the exposure of pores of the skin to clean air during the night, so you should keep the removal of cosmetics on the skin constantly and avoid stacking day after day, and to maintain the cleanliness of the skin must be committed to washing twice to three times a day water and salt to disinfect and protect it from bacteria and dust and other allergens and pollution of the skin.

Protecting from the surrounding effects: The facial skin is one of the most sensitive places in the body, so the impact of the surrounding conditions is more severe than any other area of skin, and this emphasizes the need to protect them from air disturbances and dust, and should be protected from the concentration of sunlight For prolonged periods, exposure to the sun directly and for long periods leads to a change in the color of the skin, and become the skin of different colors, some areas of natural color and other areas most exposed to the sun in a dark and pale.


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