Learn about your health from facial signs


Some people may feel annoyed every day when they see their face in the mirror, wagging from pimples, wrinkles and swelling under the eyes, but what we do not know is that these changes are indicative of a serious illness, according to the website Hefty:

1. The forehead
Is your skin pale or red? This can be a sign that the metabolism in your body is not working properly, indicating problems in the liver responsible for detoxification, as it can be a sign that your gallbladder does not work well.
2. The temple
If your temple is reddened or swollen, it indicates that you have problems accumulating toxins in your body, indicating that your kidney is in stress, on the other hand, possibly due to excessive consumption of processed foods.
3. Upper eyelid
If the spleen is in good health, the upper eyelid area will appear glowing and alert. The spleen is responsible for maintaining the healthy immune system by storing and producing white blood cells. If the area appears bloated and red in color, it is likely to be evidence that the spleen is not functioning properly.
4. Loops down the eyes
Often, when people do not sleep enough, they wake up the next day with swollen rings under their eyes, but if they do not disappear after taking a break, there is a problem.
If the rings are pale and gray, this is an indication of something in the kidneys, or perhaps a sign of stress, and a general lack of nutrition can cause rings under the eyes.
Young people with wrinkles on both sides of the eyes have a liver problem, possibly due to persistent negative emotions such as grief.
5. Top cheeks and cheekbones
Individuals with gray discoloration, or large pores, or weakness in this area, may have problems in the lungs, as this often occurs for smokers.
6. Down cheeks
The coloration of this area indicates that a person’s diet is very greasy and that the stomach is cumbersome. If an individual is debilitated, he may have metabolic problems.
In addition to the swelling and pimples in this area is a strong sign that the person has excessive sensitivity to some foods.
7. Upper nose area and nose openings
The swelling of the nasal bridge indicates disruption of the function of the thyroid. On the other hand, the thick nose openings are often caused by problems in the lungs. This is a common problem among asthmatic patients.
If you notice the redness of the nose, it indicates that the airway is infected. However, if you notice that your nose sounds much different than it was, it may mean that the lungs are not working properly.
9. Between the upper lip and nose
Stress can lead to skin problems and small wrinkles under the nose, physical pressure also has an effect on hormone levels, which changes the level of estrogen and the functioning of reproductive organs, and this hormonal imbalance is reflected in our external appearance.
10. Lips
The shape of the lips is linked to the small intestine, the appearance of pimples, sores and discoloration are the first signs of a problem.
If the lower lip is swollen, it may mean that your intestines do not work properly, and if your lips are pale, it can indicate poor blood circulation. Changes in the lips can also be signs of problems in the spleen, gallbladder, liver or colon.
11. chin
Women often have pimples on their chin especially in the second half of the menstrual cycle, due to changes in hormone levels, but the flaws and wrinkles here can also indicate that some devices do not work properly.
In men, the elongated chin can indicate enlargement of the prostate gland.


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