It is a hard diet, but it is faster than specialists


Although this dieter is a hard dieter and can lose weight a kilogram per week, it is not a healthy diet. It does not affect health. It does not affect the vital functions of the body as long as the person takes all the meals in the system and does not delete them even if the reason is the desire to lose weight. A meal that takes into account the extension of the body with important elements is indispensable. In case of compliance with all that will be mentioned in the system is not required to take vitamins or other medical because dieting taking into account all the elements that your body needs so as not to be affected by the basic devices or functions.

The other thing that you should be aware of when you follow this diet, as opposed to any other difficult diet is that the fastest diet is that the lack of weight in this system is a real shortage, as this system depends on the burning of fat full body, so it is difficult to reconstitute these fats again in A simple period only in case of loss of balance and increase the sugars and fats that enter the body again. The fastest diet depends on the gradual decrease in stomach space and thus feel the person full quickly so as not to enter the body more fat and sugars that can destroy the diet and regain weight.

Instructions to follow in this diet:
1. In our diet we will need to flatten the flax seed with salad or yogurt.
2 – Yogurt used is Active because it helps to improve the process of tightening the body and digestion better.
3 – walk for only quarter of an hour every day as a sport to improve the functions and strength of all muscles of the body.
4 – the need to drink about 8 glasses of water on a daily basis.
5. Drink tea, coffee or other herbs but without sugar.
6 – in the case of the need to add sugar must be sugar Day and must be as little as possible and not to multiply in these drinks.
7. On the other hand, diet drinks are not allowed because they are often commercial and adversely affect the program we follow.
8 – Stay away completely from eating sweets because it will destroy the system or slow to achieve results at the very least and this is not allowed in the fastest diet.
9. One can eat either lettuce or cucumber between meals and preferably two hours before the meal.
10 – Eat slowly to accelerate the sense of satiety with the least amount of food possible.
11 – to combat constipation as much as possible and the treatment of softening herbs.

* Weekly System:
First: Breakfast is fixed throughout the week, which is: 2 boiled egg + cucumber + Mortadella (as desired).

(First day)
Lunch: salad dish without carrots or tomatoes.
The reason for this is that the islands have many calories that slow down as a result of dieting, while tomatoes are rich in salts and hold the body fluids.
Dinner: grilled steak, provided it is salt-free + yogurt.

(the second day)
Lunch: Grilled or boiled chicken + yogurt with a spoonful of flaxseed.
Dinner: 2 boiled eggs + salad made of lettuce, pepper, cucumber, parsley and cabbage.

(the third day)
Lunch: skimmed cheese or cheese, 80 grams.
Dinner: Grilled or grilled chicken or grilled or grilled meat.

(the fourth day)
Lunch: Kiwi or two cheeses.
Dinner: Tuna can be added to the water, and if it has oil, it should be well filtered + a yogurt box with one tablespoon flaxseed.

(The fifth day)
Lunch: Boiled vegetables with no salt or as little as possible.
Dinner: Shrimps or tuna with oil or fish + salad + yogurt.

(the sixth day)
Lunch: Boiled meat + salad sprinkled with flaxseed.
Dinner: Sharma dish without bread.

(the seventh day)
Lunch: boiled chicken + green salad + milk.
Dinner: 3 slices of custard + milk.

This system proved that your body can lose several kilograms a week so it is known as the fastest diet because it is a severe diet based on increased movement and lack of eating, but more importantly, it is harmless or harmful and takes into account the availability of all the essential elements needed by the body. But it is not recommended to follow him to pregnant women or patients with certain diseases before consulting with the competent doctor.


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