How to Strengthen Your Immune System


Nutrition, some vitamins, distance from stress and regular sleep help strengthen the immune system cells and thus address disease more, but exaggeration in some immune-boosting methods may be counterproductive.

Protecting the immune system from bacteria and pathogenic viruses and strengthening this device means reducing the risk of disease. The following is a set of tips for strengthening your immune system:
1. Peaceful nutrition: The immune system cannot do its work without supplying it with the food it needs. Vegetables and fruit give energy to the immune system, which also needs to diversify between different diets, and not only chocolate and sweets, but also limits.

2. Regular movement: Exercise not only benefits muscles but also strengthens immune system cells and makes them more capable of fighting bacteria and pathogenic viruses. At the same time, however, the ban must be banned because excessive exercise has no negative effects on body immunity.

3 – Sauna: Sauna in winter and autumn to relax the muscles and improve mood and also strengthens the immune system. Moving from the hottest sauna to a cold water shower helps to train the body on temperature changes and thus reduce the risk of colds. If you are already suffering a cold, experts advise, according to the German, to avoid the sauna as it turns in this case an additional burden on the tired body of the original.

4. Reducing nervous pressure: Stress is one of the most important reasons for weakening the immune system as it leads to the secretion of larger amounts of cortisol hormone, which hinders the work of the immune system. Experts are advised to work in jobs with a lot of stress, to train themselves to take a period of rest during work and try to get out of the pressure circle some relaxation exercises or even a cup of tea.

5 – Sleep: Those who sleep for less hours are the most vulnerable to infection immune system works the immune system strongly, taking advantage of periods of night calm in the production of more white blood cells.

6 – Avoid smoking and alcohol: Nicotine and alcohol to disrupt the work of the immune system and the use of alcohol on a regular basis for long periods of the immune system blocks, while nicotine is blocking the production of white blood cells.

7. Ginger and lemon: Ginger helps in the treatment of digestive problems and has strong effects on strengthening the immune system. As soon as the symptoms of colds appear, experts advise boiling the ginger pieces for a quarter of an hour and then mixing them with a little lemon and honey to strengthen the immune system in the face of colds.

8. Shower with cold and hot water: Changing the temperature of water during bathing helps to strengthen the immune system.

9 – Outdoors: The body gets in the days of winter and autumn short, a little sunlight and therefore a little vitamin D, which weakens the immune system. This can be compensated for by taking care of daily walks during the afternoon.

10 – zinc: the body gets 15 to 20 milligrams of zinc a day strengthens the immunity of the body and make it difficult for viruses to break into the body. Beef, fish, eggs and dairy products contain abundant amounts of zinc, and vitamin C improves the body’s absorption of zinc and increases its effectiveness.


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