How to strengthen the muscles of the body


Power is the source of confidence for every human being, a demand for everyone, whether they are individuals or countries, a strong person in the structure is confident himself more than others, because the force in general leads to peace of mind and tithing comfortable, and strengthen the muscles of the body has several goals, including what is good and of which other purposes There are also other ways to strengthen muscles such as light sports such as swimming, running, tennis, aerobics, and Swedish exercises. There are sports equipment, sports equipment, Deafness To strengthen the muscles of the body with minimal effort and less time and cost, despite the high cost of these sports equipment at the beginning.

The muscles of the body are divided into large (primary) muscles and small muscles (secondary or subordinate). For example, the muscles of the chest, back, the knees, the legs, the shoulders, the feet, the thighs, the muscles, and the muscles of the stomach are all major muscles in the body. The muscles of the bolts and the toes and toes are all muscles a small or secondary dependent large muscles, and is Trench and strengthen with the strengthening of large muscle exercises, in violent sports there are special exercises for each muscle in an orderly fashion is training according to a weekly schedule determined and organized by the person trainee or responsible for exercise performance in Alma coach Dedicated sports at the beginning, where the use of different weights and weights so as to tighten the muscle and increase its size with a repeat exercise in a certain way, and with the availability of modern sports equipment have been dispensed and weightlifting.

In general sports such as swimming, which is one of the best sports to exercise and strengthen all the muscles of the body, it does not need a trainer or specialist to perform exercises specific to each muscle, the practice of swimming is sufficient to exercise all the muscles of the body because it needs the muscles of shoulders and hands and abdomen and chest and the two men to perform, Many specialists in the world of sports of muscle-like balloon, they grow up and swell and strengthen as long as the person exercise and the small and grow and return to normal size to neglect the sport and returned to the daily routine, it is important to know that exercise incorrectly or rely on food supplements Serious, such as proteins and hormones more harm than good in the long term.

The force is required legally, he said peace be upon him (strong believer love to God than the weak) or as he said prayers and peace believer, also said (Teach your children swimming, archery and horse) or as he said peace be upon him, and many young people believe that the power comes riding wishful only or that if March sport for a few months, it has become a strong muscles and this is enough of his body, but the sport continuously ordered if left to the person for a short time, the body loses more than they earn because it affects the activity of certain glands such as the thyroid gland, and the sport is not the preserve of a limited lifespan older adults need to exercise and strengthen his muscles M like quite young, but the way different definitely, for example, violent sports disproportion age but there are irreplaceable, such as brisk walking or the work of some Swedish exercise at home or swimming. And it remains to say that the Muslim to perform his prayers is one of the most important sports activity and energy looser needed for his body, especially that performed at the time and in the dedicated place (mosques) Just walking to the mosque is a sport.


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