How to maintain your weight?


Many people, after finishing months of fatigue and suffering during exercise and following a harsh diet, suffer from weight gain again, which is a great frustration for many who have lost tens of kilograms of weight. This is also an excuse for many overweight people who do not follow the system Or weight loss, but weight loss can also be easily maintained after alleviating it by following some of the tips that we will mention below:

You begin to maintain weight at the moment you begin to lose weight. Weight loss You should change your eating habits to healthy habits, which helps to maintain these habits after the completion of weight loss, unlike what happens when you follow a severe diet cannot continue after weight loss .

You should eat regularly, do not stay away from food and eat it at once, which increases your chances of eating more food, and helps maintain your metabolism.

Make sure to eat healthy and avoid as much as possible from processed foods that contain high prices without any nutritional value, and keep as far away as possible from fried foods and move to grilled and boiled.

It is important to always ensure that you drink enough water, it helps you feel fuller faster and consume less calories.

Make sure to eat vegetables and fruits in large quantities during all meals, they are low in calories, and also contain the fiber is very large, which helps to feel full faster.

Planning and preparing your meals in advance helps to avoid the confusion and consumption of foods at random, a situation in which many people end up eating junk food or unhealthy high-calorie foods.

Delay in eating and finishing eventually helps to reduce the amount of food you eat, which helps to reduce the speed of chewing when you eat and it keeps you from eating at random after feeling full and waiting for others to finish their dishes.

Pay attention to continuing to exercise. It is one of the most important things to help you maintain weight, not just reduce it. Exercising continuously burns more calories and helps you eat more. It is good to increase your muscle mass. Muscles consume more calories than fat, helping to increase metabolism and allow them to eat more.

Many women suffer from the problem of excess weight, and after a long period of diet, women are surprised to return weight to the former after a short period of cessation of diet, what is the solution? How can women maintain their weight?

There are a lot of rumors in this area, so here are some tips that will make your weight constant.

First: Diet: Try to follow a specific diet, and when talking about the diet Bliss is intended to deprive the soul of the most delicious food, but the idea lies in the reduction of quantities of food and quality, eating fat is not eaten in large quantities, and takeaway, , And advised to eat fresh food, and keep away from oils and sugars, or eat in small quantities, the woman who used to leave for a long time, they can eat a small part of them, and feel satisfied.

Second: Night meals: If you want to maintain your weight, go to night eating, and do not follow him, it is the most things that take you back to your weight, try to reduce the night meals, and prefer to refrain from eating after 9 pm, and warn nuts and ice cream, And popcorn, at night, it earns your weight more than during the day.

Thirdly: Sports: Keep on exercising, and do not stop it. Sport earns the body the fitness it needs, makes you feel younger, and even works to tighten the skin, especially after long periods of diet, which has been lost a lot of kilos grams, And try as much as possible to devote yourself to an hour of exercise, and if you cannot, work at home may lose you many calories, just make an effort during it.


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