How to maintain your mental health?


Human health is divided into physical health and mental health. To achieve good health, the two parts must be kept together. Many people neglect mental health, thinking that they have no effect and that the goal is not to get mad or hallucinations. Closely associated with physical health, doctors link many physical illnesses and mental health to physical health through increased mental health.

The most successful people in life are of good psychological health and positive thinking, while the failed people are suffering from mental illness, and because of the rapid pace of life and lifestyle, psychological diseases of varying degrees of things associated with the human Many people resort to sedatives and medicines that reduce Of these mental illnesses, but how can mental health be maintained without resorting to drugs.

Ways to maintain mental health
1. Commitment to the methods that lead to the satisfaction of God, such as: the obligation to perform prayers in time, fasting, charity, and all acts beloved to God, and away from sins and sins.
2. Good faith in God and increase confidence in the self and the ability to solve all problems, and trust in God with the introduction of the reasons. To think positively and avoid the negative thoughts that may invade the mind, and cause him many diseases, and doing the works of love increases the strength of mental health when the person likes, his morale and his outlook to life is positive while when forced to do what he does not love it causes He has depression and a dark outlook on life.
3. Keeping away from the tradition of others or following others, when a person is an independent personality, it is more positive and able to resist the stresses of life.
4. The psychological health of a person stems from himself first before trying to get from abroad, a person who humiliates himself and does not respect and reduce the importance and allows those around him to insult or mock him even with the intention of joking will cause depression, and thus the destruction of mental health, so no A person must respect himself and himself and impose this respect on the people around him. Doing good deeds that bring pleasure in the same people, such as helping them to perform certain things, especially helping children and the elderly. These actions increase the happiness of the person and raise the morale and reduce the tension.
5. Exercising like outdoor walking The sport works to eliminate the negative energy stored in the body as a result of stress of life.

We cannot separate the body from the soul and the psychological state, since man is composed of these three parts, which are connected to each other naturally, the spirit is something that our mind is ignorant and we cannot control it or know its nature and whereabouts, and the soul is inconceivable that controls human emotions and behavior , And shows all his emotions and feelings towards everything facing him, as well as determine his behavior and the extent of his behavior with others and with himself, and the body is all the human possession of the material, such as the various body organs that cannot live without.

The psychological condition of the human being directly affects the health of the human being and the extent of his activity and the safety of his organs. In the case of psychological problems, this will lead to the injury of the various mental and physical diseases, because of the nervous connections throughout the body, and the body secretion of hormones and substances that increase the impact on the work Body organs, especially the immune system, which weakens clearly when the psychological problems, causing the injury of many different diseases and infections.


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