How to maintain your health after the age of forty


This age is called menopause, and this is due to the occurrence of physiological changes that affect women and affect them from all sides. At this age women need to take care of themselves and their health more than ever before. There are diseases that women experience in women. This age group is due to the onset of the interruption of the menstrual cycle, and one of the most important physiological reasons to prevent women from the diseases associated with menopause, is the presence of the hormone “estrogen”, which provides protection against diseases, most importantly cardiovascular disease.

The secretion of estrogen is very important in women’s body because it reduces heart disease, osteoporosis and joint disease. In 40, this hormone decreases. Women enter menopause, suffer from many physical and psychological disorders and become susceptible to many diseases.

Keep healthy after forty
The prevention of disease at this stage in many ways, including:
1. Exercise: Like jogging, swimming and other sports activities, sport is very important to.
2. Follow a diet and eat useful foods such as vegetables and calcium and keep away from high-calorie foods such as fat and starches.
3. Consumption of a good amount of fluid, keep away from harmful beverages such as coffee and beverages containing caffeine. Stay away from emotional emotions and tension.
4. Follow the gynecologist and do periodic checkups to check on your health from time to time.

5. How to maintain your health after the age of forty
6. Looking at the good side of life gives you positive energy, and avoids expecting the worst.
7. Wear clothes that are cheerful and appropriate for you at the same time.
8. Take enough rest and sleep.
9. Practice spiritual exercises such as yoga that relieve tension and anxiety.
10. Shop and change the atmosphere of the house to give pleasure to your heart. Eat a piece of chocolate but do not overdo it, because chocolate helps to improve mood and relieve depression.
11. Create social relationships that bring joy to you, and take care of everything that bothers you, be it people or positions.
12. Passion is very important for you at this stage.
13. Get rid of your negative energies and transmit positive energy. Talk to your husband, your children, or your close friends until you feel happy through them.

It is also worth noting that women at this stage may be closer to emotionally sensitive, anything that may affect them and bother them so her family should deal with them with all the attention and kindness and love of the husband or children or close to them.

Health is the enjoyment of the highest levels of physical, mental, spiritual and mental health, that is, it does not suffer from any disease, and health is the responsibility of everyone to the direction of his body, and there are many steps that help the individual to recognize that his body healthy and healthy or that he has a problem , These steps are very effective, especially in the face of overcrowded life, which limited the ability of the individual to visit the doctor. These steps did not come randomly or obsessively but were developed by a group of doctors and scientists, and the enjoyment of good health need to adhere to a set of standards and rules daily sound .

Steps to ensure good health
The heart rate should be about seventy minutes per minute. It is possible to identify the number of heart beats by placing the right and middle finger fingers on the left wrist, or on the neck. The beats are repeated for thirty minutes, then the result is multiplied by two. Heart rate is less than the normal number. Exercise should activate the blood circulation, thus expanding the area of veins and arteries, and regular heart rate after exercise, proof of good health.

Make sure your nails are healthy, your nails are usually tight, and the skin around them is crimson. The color of natural urine is light, and this color indicates the health of the body and that its organs perform the functions assigned to it well, while the dark color indicates the presence of inflammation, or kidney failure or problems in the urinary tract and others.

The ability to perform pressure exercises twenty times in a row, this is evidence that the muscles of the human body reach oxygen and food well, and also indicates that the body is able to do its functions well. The ability to run a thousand and six hundred meters in a period not exceeding fifteen minutes, another guide and strong to enjoy good health.

Regularity in the removal of waste, evidence that the movement of bowel regular, and that the digestive system healthy, and works as required.

Sleep and wake up on a daily basis at the same time, evidence of the regularity of the biological clock in the brain, and the regularity of the biological clock is in the body healthy.


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