How to maintain the strength and safety of the eye?


One of the many blessings that God has on us is to look, to discover the world around us, to see the beautiful nature, to locate the objects, and to sink them into a world of darkness. There are many bad habits and diseases that can afflict the eye, depriving us of this grace Partially or completely, so be careful about the safety of the eyes and avoid all that may hurt them, to enjoy our eyesight longevity.

Ways to maintain eye health
1. Regular examination of the eye by the doctor to check the health of the eye and not be infected by deviation, or high pressure, or blue water, and review when there is redness, or itching, or secretions peculiar to the eye.
2. Use of medical sunglasses when exposed to sun especially at peak time.
3. Maintain the eye cleaner and not touch it and hands dirty, or strongly rub it, or use outdated make-up tools, or bad types, or that belong to others, or displayed in the shops for testing.
4. Do not sit long in front of the computer screen, or TV; because it causes myopia.
5. Non-reading for long hours, room lighting must be suitable to provide comfort to the eye and not stress in an attempt to introduce a greater amount of light to be able to see.
6. Get enough sleep at night and avoid sleep.
7. Drink sufficient amounts of water to maintain eye moisture, prevent dryness, clean it, and use artificial tears in the event of dryness.
8. Healthy eating, which contains important vitamins such as vitamin A, found in milk and milk products, eggs and leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, mallow, beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A, Dark chocolate, raspberries, bananas, and zinc because it helps in the absorption of antioxidants, can be obtained from meat and legumes.
9. To do eye exercises that contribute to strengthening the look: constipation of the pen and focus on it, and rounded up until the nose and away from the eye to the maximum extent in the hand, this exercise contributes to strengthen the look, which is similar to the year of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to keep the worshiper eyes open during Prayer, and focuses on the position of prostration, will change distances while standing and kneeling and prostration and pray the same exercise during his prayers.
10. Make the head forward, look the eyes to the far right without moving the head, then to the far left in the same way and repeat movement.
11. Put hot water compresses on the eye for two minutes, then replace them with cool water compresses, tea bags can be used for more benefit.

Habits keep watch
• Do not sit for a long time in front of the TV or computer screen, or read for hours on end, because that strain your eyes.
• You have to sleep enough hours to make your eyes comfortable, so the sleep hurts their health.
• Exercise keeps your eyes safe indirectly as studies have shown.
• When there is redness, or you feel pain or any abnormal sensation in your eyes or eyes, consult your doctor because neglect will cause complications.
• The lighting of the room where you are reading or using your eyes should be properly focused.
• You should wear medical sunglasses when you go out during the day because direct sunlight on the eye harms her health.
• Eat foods that strengthen your eyesight, but do not exaggerate because much hurts as little, and the types of food that contribute to maintaining your vision will be clarified.
• There are some exercises you can do, to strengthen your mind, you will also be touched.

Exercises to strengthen vision
1. Without moving your head, look at the maximum point you can see from the right, then the maximum point you can see from the left, and repeat the exercise.
2. Put your finger in front of your nose, then close it until it touches your nose, then back it up, focusing your eyes on your finger. Looking at something on several distances in a short time strengthens the eye, the year of our Prophet – in prayer, To keep our eyes open during prayer and focus on the subject of prostration in kneeling and prostration.
3. Place a piece of wet cloth on your eyes for a minute, then place a wet piece of cold water for another minute.


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