How to maintain the health of the body


The human body created God Almighty and distinguished him with reason and understanding, and gave him a creature in the best and best body and the best calendar. He made the body a deposit for every person and kept it from man’s due to himself to be able to perform his natural role in life. God Almighty, and reconstruction of the land.

Any harm inflicted by the person in his body on purpose, such as committing suicide for example, or harming his body by neglecting and not preserving it and treating it from diseases, earns a great sin, and God is accountable for this neglect and negligence, so must maintain the integrity of the body and health, the perfect mind in healthy body.

Ways and means to maintain the integrity of the body
To maintain the integrity of the body must follow a number of tips, the most important of which are:
• Learn the correct way to cut the street, and know what signs and signs indicate traffic to avoid road accidents.
• Do not neglect any satisfactory presentation shown on the body, no matter how simple, and see your doctor immediately.
• Regular examinations of the body, including the examination of the eyes, blood test, ear examination, early detection of cancer, and visit the dentist twice a year to ensure authenticity.
• Eat useful foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, especially vegetables and fruits, to strengthen and develop body immunity, and avoid foods high in saturated fats and hydrogenated oils.
• Avoid inserting any hard object into the ear and cleaning it with a tissue.
• Check the validity of all types of foods before eating, and ensure the safety of storage, especially meat, canned foods, bread, and cooked food.
• Avoid foods sold by street vendors, foods are not guaranteed source.
• Avoid taking drugs and drugs without direct medical supervision.
• Sleep for hours is sufficient, and should not be less than eight hours of sleep, and that the hours of sleep at night.
• Drink plenty of water, so that the amount of water is not less than two liters a day.
• Avoid tobacco in all its forms, whether in the form of cigarettes or worms.
• Avoid alcohol, drugs and alcohol.
• Avoid prepared foods that contain empty calories, minimize as much as possible soft drinks, and juices that contain artificial sweeteners.
• Use sunscreen, to avoid skin diseases caused by sunlight.
• Exercise daily to maintain body health and thicken. Learn to swim and not swim far away from beaches to avoid drowning.
• Do not play dangerous games.
• Do not watch TV from close range to keep your eyes healthy.
• Sit upright to maintain the health of the spine.


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