How to maintain our muscular system


The muscles in most young people are an important part of trying to maintain it in the best cases. The muscles of the body help the person to carry heavy weights and carry out difficult physical activities easily, in addition to forming some aesthetic and formality for them. In various ways and means, and this is what we will talk about in this subject, which is how to maintain the muscles of our body strong.

The musculoskeletal system in the human body consists of all the muscles that are spread throughout the body. Most of these muscles are voluntary controlled by the person. There are also some unknown muscles such as the muscles of the hair and the muscles of the bladder.

The importance of the muscular system in the performance of movements carried out by members of the body in coordination with other organs of the body, and is responsible for the stabilization of the body organs in different situations and thus determine the position of the body or parts of it whole muscle is responsible for maintaining the survival of the body is balanced, They generate heat which helps in maintaining the body temperature.

How to protect your muscular system
The muscular system needs a lot of care and attention to protect it and increase its ability to perform its tasks properly. It is very important, the body needs it even at rest time. Some people think that during rest, the muscular system is in a coma and this is not true.

Ways to protect the muscular system:
1. Keep away from doping that is counterproductive to the muscular system as it causes inflammation and tendon injury, and it leads to convulsions and muscle rupture.
2. Do not stress the muscular jihad with hard or tired exercises without taking a break. The muscular system, like the various body organs, needs rest.
3. This helps the muscles to prepare for movement and therefore when moving from the least difficult to the hardest These muscles are in a state of readiness do not suffer muscle spasms, we often see such injury in football games or basket and others where he The player is very heavy pressure on the muscles suddenly causing the spasm and sometimes rupture.
4. Exercising outdoor sports, the outdoor air is useful in increasing muscle flexibility and strength.
5. When you feel the muscle injury rupture, you should put the snow directly on the place of injury, and then the immortality to rest until the full recovery and not exert any effort on the muscle so as not to worsen the situation.
6. Eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in the various nutrients that muscles need for their safety and building, the most important of which are the proteins found in chicken and eggs.
7. Stay away from excess weight and try to reach the weight proportional to height because the increase in weight increases the pressure on the muscles and thus increase the energy of them to maintain the balance of the body.



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