How to maintain cardiovascular health


The heart is the only blood pump for all organs of the body. Blood vessels are the blood vessels of the bloodstream, but the heart is exposed to many stress ors because of everyday lifestyle. These include heart attacks and strokes. To protect the heart from these diseases, Take care of a range of heart-boosting foods.

How to maintain cardiovascular
1. Must adhere to exercise every day, for at least thirty minutes, walking from the best of these exercises, exercise is important in rid of the body of fat and toxins, which constitute the dangerous enemy for cardiovascular health.
2. Eat a moderate amount of salt a day, not exceeding six grams, salt is a factor that helps to raise blood pressure, thus increasing the incidence of heart disease. Smoke is rich in nicotine, which causes a large number of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis and high blood pressure, and smoke contains a high proportion of carbon monoxide, which stimulates cholesterol to deposit on the walls of blood vessels.
3. Alcohol affects the level of heart rate, as it leads to high blood pressure, so it is better to avoid eating alcohol, to protect the heart from these diseases.
4. The large increase in weight leads to the accumulation of cholesterol in large quantities, on the walls of blood vessels, and thus increase the incidence of heart attacks, and also cause diseases of the arteries, especially those that affect the coronary artery, so it is better to have a normal weight and appropriate.
5. You should avoid fast food, because these meals are rich in large amounts of fat, and it is rich in cholesterol, and the excess amount of cholesterol accumulate on the walls of blood vessels, and thus block these vessels.
6. Must sleep every day for eight hours, sleep must be comfortable, because sleep is the body’s way of repair itself.
7. Avoid tension and get rid of it. Tension has a very negative effect on heart health. Stress can be eliminated by exercising hobbies, recreational activities, or even practicing yoga.

Foods that keep the heart healthy
• Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This acid is very useful in reducing blood pressure, as well as heart disorders, and it is also effective in lowering blood lipids. Dark chocolate is one of the natural substances that are effective in protecting the heart and natural vessels from diseases because they are rich in flavonoids.
• Orange.
• Walnut.

The heart is a strong, large, almost hand-held muscle. It is located in the center of the rib cage, under the thoracic bone, tilting to the north more than the right. The heart is divided into four separate chambers, covered by the pericardium, which transmits blood to the rest of the body through blood veins. The blood circulation begins to return to the heart through the artery. The heart muscle is distinguished by the fact that it is not arranged as “bundled” .

Because this muscle is important in the human body we have to maintain it, because there have been many studies in Britain, which shows that every two minutes a person has a heart attack in all countries. The number of people who die from angina pectoris about 140 000 people annually, , And this shows the extent of neglect exercised by the human being to preserve the life and life of this important member.

Lifestyle also affects the heart and not just the type of food. People who are used to sitting for long periods of time without taking breaks to move and stimulate circulation are more prone than people who move a lot. People who depend on sport for their lifestyle It gives them a healthy life free of heart disease. A person must exercise five times a week for an hour and a half each day. It is also necessary to avoid bad habits harmful to the heart: such as smoking, it is one of the most dangerous factors causing rapid death and fatigue of the heart muscles.


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