How to keep your youth


With age, the signs of aging and the pyramid begin to appear on the outside and the general health of the individual, whether male or female; there is a marked decline in the skin, teeth, strength and mobility at the end of the youth phase, and these fluctuations are normal and compulsory in human life as the life cycle begins Human from childhood, and the age of young people to end in the age of aging.

It is necessary for any one of us to express through these three stages and all the changes that it contains on the body from the inside and outside, but sometimes we note that some people reach the age of advanced, and remain retainers young and beautiful, and remain healthy from the diseases of the difficult and chronic as if they were in the twenties of course, this is due to a set of healthy habits followed by the human during the stages of his life keep it away from the health disorders and the early pyramid sometimes, and we will mention below a number of tips that can be used to keep our youth lasting as long as possible of age.

Tips to maintain a young appearance
Avoid stress as much as possible, and ignore the situations that cause anxiety and nervousness and constant tension and depression, because it weakens the immune system of humans and make it vulnerable to various diseases as they increase the secretion of cortisol hormone in the body, which affects the health of the heart and arteries, and offers the human to the incidence of sudden strokes, Get rid of yoga exercises and relaxation to reduce their impact on future health.

Attention to moisturizing the skin permanently helps to stimulate the secretion of collagen nourishing the skin, which delays the appearance of wrinkles, and this gives the skin a young appearance free of wrinkles and lines and skin cracks. Concentrate on eating vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, because it improves bowel function, fights the accumulation of toxins in the body, to enrich it with natural antioxidants, while avoiding the excess of saturated fats and sugars that cause cancer, diabetes, stress and chronic heart problems.

Drink plenty of water during the day at least two liters per day. It expels body toxins, facilitates the removal of waste, prevents dehydration, and significantly improves skin appearance.

It is a light and refreshing sport for the body, activates the blood circulation, increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the body organs, helps to tighten the muscles and prevent sagging, and strengthens the nerves and regeneration of damaged cells.

Keeping sleep for long hours at night, avoiding long hours because it affects the body’s biological clock, increases the risk of obesity, accelerates the appearance of dark circles, makes the face pale and dulls the day and reduces the performance of the work.

Resist the manifestations of aging
Aging is a cause of concern for many because it shows the signs of aging and the shape begins to change whether the face or body shape and most people try men and women to resist as much as possible the signs of aging and maintain the appearance of youth and to achieve this goal there are some things to follow in order to delay signs of progress Age to appear, and to keep young people as long as possible can follow these habits on a daily basis:
1. Daily maintenance of the skin and for women advised not to sleep before cleaning the skin well from the effects of cosmetics. Use of reliable skin preparations and a percentage of antioxidants that are also anti-aging.
2. Minimize the intake of caffeine-containing substances such as tea and coffee.
3. Stay away from smoking that harms the whole body and reduces human vitality apart from its innumerable damage.
4. Eat fiber-rich vegetables as well as fruits, because they contain important vitamins for the body and maintain. Exercise even once a week so that the body remains tight and unsteady.
5. Maintain the proper weight and lack of access to the stage of obesity which is the most important factors slack body.
6. Minimize the intake of sweets and starches.
7. Excessive intake of honey is useful for many diseases and is useful for the freshness of the skin and strengthen the hair.
8. Stay away from stress and stress.
9. Healthy food helps to strengthen the immune system, which in turn reduces diseases that help to show signs of aging.
10. Drink plenty of water and milk to get calcium and plenty of natural juices.
11. Eat foods that contain minerals and acids that are useful and necessary for the body, most notably omega 33.
12. Sleep for hours enough and reduce as much sleep as possible so that the skin does not look tired and sore.


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