How to keep your nerves strong?


In our daily lives we experience many sad, joyous, disturbing and stressful situations that always require calm and balanced nerves. Psychological balance is very important for a stable and calm life. Control of the nerves is a skill and an art, because the raging nerves cause many problems for the owner.

As it makes him utter a lot of words harmful and bad, causing problems with others, and make him feel remorse later, so we have to strive with all strength, to train to keep calm nerves, and away from all the causes of nervousness and excessive emotions, said the Prophet peace be upon him: He is not very strong, but he who is strong holds himself in anger. ”

Ways to retain nerve strength
1. Not to rush judgment, and give the self-enough time to show a reaction appropriate to the situation, and as is always said, “count ten makes you reconsider your words that will come out of you.”
2. Not to suppress feelings, first to express to a trusted person, or to write down negative feelings on paper and tear them later, because lack of revelation, makes negative feelings accumulate, and a moment of explosion of nerves.
3. Exercise is one of the most important ways to maintain calm nerves. Sports play an important role in driving out negative emotions, promoting positive thinking, absorbing feelings of sadness, anxiety and tension, and not showing them in public. .
4. Deep and thoughtful thinking, before starting to speak, declaring self-empowerment, trying to channel energies to seek solutions, not to think about the problem itself.
5. Develop a list of plans, goals, solutions, and try to apply, which regulates life in general, and this in itself is very comfortable for the nerves.
6. Distance from the launch of circulars on others, and avoid interference in the affairs of others, and commitment to personal opinion, without imposing it on others.
7. Do not hate anyone, because the energy of hatred nervous tension, and exhaustion of thought, and make the human personality provocative at every moment, and emotions are quick and strong.
8. Try to give the atmosphere a fun life style.

Practice hobbies such as reading, drawing, practicing yoga exercises, breathing deeply, and listening to your favorite music. Eat some foods and drinks that reduce stress, such as bananas, aniseed, chamomile, grapes, and eggplant.
The distance from provocative positions, and the lack of contact with people who are frequent provocative movements, and their words of prey, and complain frequently, and broadcast negative ideas.
Trying out to the green nature and forests, or going out to the sea, hiking with comfortable people, green and blue are known to bring comfort and peace of mind.

There is no doubt that every one of us has experienced different circumstances in which we carry various feelings of sadness, joy, anger, anxiety, and concern to the other feelings associated with those events, and the wise man and the believer to be less vulnerable to the world’s extremes and volatility, Between richness and poverty and between humiliation and humiliation and between life and death.

If you make every shift of life you have a psychological break, you will remain in the vortex of psychological conflicts. If you understand the reality of life and its volatile nature, circumstances will overcome you and overcome the difficulties and smile for a long time.

There are situations that irritate the person and ignite the fire of anger, and people vary in the reaction caused by anger, some of them immediately awakened like a volcano and some of them who spit and take things calmly and nerves and self-control.


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