How to keep your health from diseases


It is normal for a person to have various health problems and problems, but he can reduce it or avoid serious and complicated diseases that are difficult to cure by following the appropriate advice and protections. One of us does not know the famous wisdom: “A dirham is better than a pound of cure” You tried to adhere to the basic rules that help to maintain the health of the body less likely to be infected with various diseases; so we will address here the most important rules that help you to maintain your health.

Basic rules to protect the body from diseases
It includes various rules and tips, the most important of which are:

Avoid white toxins: What is meant here with white toxins is sugar and salt in addition to white flour; because if eaten excessively and many, it leads to many health problems, always try to replace them with the most useful, for example you can eat honey instead of sugar.

Eat well: Food, specifically vegetables, when chewed well increases the proportion of chemicals that resist and fight various types of cancer, which are found in many foods, notably broccoli and broccoli.

Be sure to walk daily: Movement and physical activity in general help to reduce the possibility of being infected with many problems and diseases, notably cancer, and it saves you from obesity and excess fat accumulated in the body.

More than almonds: almonds contain many essential and nutritious nutrients, and are recommended to be eaten between the main meals.

Add cinnamon to the coffee: so that the combination together to reduce the rate of cholesterol in the body, and it increases the effectiveness of insulin in the blood, and thus reduce the complications resulting from diabetes.

More than eating vegetables and fruits: they contain a high proportion of fiber and that works to protect the body from exposure to many problems, most notably heart attacks.

More than eating garlic: It avoids the injury of many diseases, most notably with regard to the heart. Sleeping properly and adequately: Sleeping a few stings increases your anxiety, and it also exposes you to a lot of fatigue, and thus many health problems.

Care for your personal cleanliness: Neglecting the cleanliness of the body in all its parts also exposes you to various diseases and serious, because the disease can consist of a very small and simple germ.

Take care of your teeth: by taking care of the cleanliness of the mouth as a whole and reviewing the dentist every period; to address problems at the beginning and avoid aggravation.

Attention to weight If you are classified within one of the levels of obesity, the appropriate decision should be taken in the appropriate diet to help control the weight and start to reduce weight to reach normal weight.

If you are a person who can be classified as being underweight, they also need to follow an appropriate diet that helps you gain weight to reach normal weight.

Keep personal hygiene, bathing several times during the week. Pay attention to clean clothes.

The nappies are cut with nails and cut as they grow longer.

Pay attention to clean hair and teeth. Wash vegetables and fruits before cooking, or freshly consumed.

Take care to wash your hands before eating any type of food.

Pay attention to clean the house permanently and remove dust and anything exposed to bacteria or known furniture pests.

Use sterilized water for personal purposes, especially food and drink. Keep away from areas that are more susceptible to air pollution than the surrounding area.

A balanced diet contains all the essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Drink enough water, or about eight cups a day.

Avoid eating certain foods that can harm human health.

Avoid eating sugars that harm our health.

Avoid eating high-fat foods.

Avoid junk food.


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