How to keep the skin


All women without exception wish to have a bright, vibrant skin, but the external environment and daily practices hinder what they want. The house or work may take most of their time, which makes them care less. There are a number of basic ways and steps to do it. Daily in order to enjoy and maintain the health of the skin, so that in order to enjoy the skin fresh and beautiful must follow healthy methods and leave bad habits The most prominent of these methods:

Maintain a clean complexion. This can be done by using household ingredients and abstaining from cosmetics that contain chemicals that damage the skin. Home components are safer and ensure that the skin is cleansed from the depths. This can be done by using brown sugar that is peeled for the skin. It cleans and protects against dryness. , And this is by mixing a tablespoon of brown sugar with a little water and then massage the skin gently, and rid the skin of dirt and impurities accumulated on the surface and provide the nutrition needed by the skin because of the contain a lot of nutrients, although the skin fatty L Use this peeled twice weekly while the skin is dry once.

The skin needs periodic renewal of cells and this can be achieved at least once a week by mixing a tablespoon of honey with a large banana spoon, or a tablespoon of mashed apples, and rub the skin with the mixture, if the skin is greasy it is recommended to add a tablespoon of yogurt to the mix, If the skin is dry, it is recommended to add two tablespoons of almond oil, or Jujaba mix and rub the skin, and leave the mixing on the skin for about a third of an hour. The use of lukewarm water to maintain the skin, is considered the most lukewarm water for the skin, the hotness causes dryness and causing the appearance of signs of aging, and advised to clear the skin on a daily basis rose water is effective in giving them cleanliness and brightness.

Drink plenty of water, to ensure that the skin is moisturized and healthy, and give up soft drinks with a herbal herb such as green tea and pepperoni. Sleeping for a sufficient number of hours, sleep deprivation and insomnia cause dark circles around the skin to make them look pale and tiring, so it is advisable to sleep for at least eight hours a day, to give the skin the time it needs to repair its tissues and renew dead cells.

Moisturizing the skin, the basics of skin care can be moistened by the use of moisturizing creams made from natural materials to buy from pharmacies, and can be used natural oils to moisturize the skin and the example of these oils olive oil, almonds.

It is difficult to get rid of fatty skin because it is responsible for the sebaceous glands that secrete these fats and their activity varies in secretion from one person to another, but it is possible to get rid of their problems by following some steps, namely:

Clean and wash the face two to three times a day with oil-free medical soap, preferably using detergents that contain natural substances, because the oily skin is an easy place in which germs are related to the moisture of the skin, and when the occurrence of heavy fatty excretions prefer to use hot water; The deeper cleaning of the pores, thus removing the fat.

Eat healthy, low-fat or low-fat foods, increase fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, keep away from unhealthy foods that contain large amounts of fat, avoid chips, chocolates, soft drinks and drinks containing sugars like juices and replace them with fresh juices.

The work of masks permanently, preferably the use of natural masks do not contain oils and chemicals to maintain the freshness and vitality of the skin, the use of special oily skin peelers to remove blackheads and dead skin and good exfoliates of brown sugar brown skin.

Clean the skin from the make-up daily before bed, preferably a non-greasy moisturizer on the skin before bedtime. Before putting any of the cosmetics on the skin, make sure that they are free of oils and that they are especially oily skin, so as not to increase fat on the skin.

The sunscreen should be put in front of the exit and must be free of oils and be creamy or light liquid, and must be renewed every two hours. Avoid as much as possible the tension and nervousness that increase the secretion of the sebaceous glands, so you must stay away from any tension. Facial cleansing daily with rose water makes it fresh, helps in the treatment of acne, and can be mixed with water and drink daily.

It is also necessary to check with your doctor, especially if the skin suffers from acne, to treat it properly, because it can cause holes in the skin if not treated.



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