How to keep my health


God has given us many, many, countless, including the blessing of health, without God and then the blessing of health for what we lived for today, and I could not read these words, and I could not draw these words, praise God first and last. God Almighty commanded us to preserve the blessings that He has provided to us, so we must preserve our health, for the questioner is asked and how to preserve our health?

To maintain our health is good, we must first avoid bad habits that may harm our health, and perhaps these habits every day we practice and do not give it to them, but in reality it does affect our health negatively, among these habits are:

Smoking is a negative smoking, like smoking, and the effect of smoking on human health is a negative effect that causes many diseases, including lung cancer, loss of appetite, and poor vision. , And genital diseases.

Daily bathing There is a new study that daily washing with hot water and soap may strip the human skin of natural oils, leading to dry skin and inflammation of the skin.

Sleep for long hours may extend for more than 8 hours, sleep for long hours is due to a negative impact on human life, especially that there is a defect in the secretion of growth hormone as well as the hormone happiness.

Persistent anxiety from anything. Persistent anxiety may accumulate inside the human being resulting from pressure sickness, diabetes or other neurological diseases. This is harmful to human health, so we must remove the specter of anxiety and face life with happiness and hope.

Sleeping immediately after a fat dinner meal is one of the most dangerous habits practiced by many people without knowing the danger of what they do and what is caused by it. After a heavy dinner, you should do a little walking exercise to allow the area to digest food regularly, Or a stroke.

Therefore, for a healthier life, we need to take care of the small things so that they do not turn into big problems that are difficult to solve. For example, not using antiseptic soap such as Dettol soap can damage you as a result of the spread of germs everywhere. There are things that need to be done for good health. , And I can summarize as follows:

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner) for a complete and proper diet. Breakfast should include protein and other rich ingredients (eggs, milk, honey, cheese, natural juices), as well as lunch containing meat Fish, rice and vegetables, and dinner is a light snack.

In order to maintain your health, you must:
1. Eat healthy and useful foods for your body such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, starches and juices. These are all natural foods that benefit your health and keep them from diseases and also help you to resist infection or illness.
2. Stay away from smoke, alcohol and drugs in general, it is very harmful to your health and destroy your body and cause you cancers, heart disease and chronic diseases fatal, which cannot heal and become as if you kill yourself slow.
3. Stay away from foods that contain pigments and salts such as ships and suckers. They contain many tinctures and preservatives that harm your body and cause decay of your teeth.
4. Take care of cleaning your teeth and see your doctor if necessary because dental hygiene is very important and protects you from many diseases.
5. Do a thorough check of your body every six months to be sure of yourself. If there is any disease, you have a chance to heal because early treatment can facilitate treatment quickly and do not break down or spread in your body.
6. Exercise daily or at least a walking exercise to keep your body active and strong and more resistant to any disease that may hurt you.
7. Keep as far away as possible from sugars and sweets, and do not eat too much to prevent obesity, diabetes or other diseases.
8. Always be optimistic and stay away from sadness and nervousness as much as possible, because your psychology has a big impact on your health and whenever you are happy and optimistic whenever your body is healthy and even if you become any disease, the good psychological half treatment.
9. Open the windows daily in your home and refresh the air to keep your home healthy and keep your home clean of dust and dirt that bring germs and pathogenic microbes.


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