How to deal with heart palpitations


The heart is a muscle, one of the strongest muscles in the body, the heart is located in the middle of the chest, and the function of the main and the only ones to pump blood to all parts of the body, and thus supplying cells with oxygen needed her, and the size of the heart the size of the hand grip, the heart consists of four chambers: Atrial and ventricles, and also contains four valves to make the blood walk in one direction and according to gravity, and prevent return to the top, and the only artery that feeds the heart muscle is the coronary artery, the heart is exposed to several diseases due to various causes and multiple, such as: blockage of the coronary arteries, in one of the valves, an irregular n Assumptions and possible heart cause rapid palpitations of the heart muscle or slow palpitations in the muscle, both of which is abnormal and needs to return the pulse of the natural heart care.

What is heart palpitations?
Where the rate of heartbeat is above the normal rate, which is from (60 – 1000) beats per minute, and comes this situation suddenly, accompanied by rapid heartbeat and irregular, rapid breathing, and extreme sweat, nausea.

Many people may not realize the fact that the heart beats alternately during the two processes of contraction and contraction, and fully the heart records an average of 100 thousand heart attacks within 24 hours, but sometimes you may notice that the heartbeat of your body gradually increased, and that it steadily formed Anxiety, and in the long term may form tension and called acceleration of the pulse between the heart and the other so-called palpitations, and the rate of palpitations from one person to another, there are people who go through this problem every day and this offer is very rare, and the other passes through the uneven, not to mention that there are people suffering Of throbbing and they generate pressure, where they wish Arum had a heart attack that struck them for some time.

Most of the causes of heart palpitations are due to a kind of low-intensity failure that leaves no effect on heart rhythm. On the contrary, some other type of palpitations may have a significant impact on the heart, or perhaps on other parts of the human body, This is likely to be associated with emotional and psychological issues, such as stress, anxiety and depression, but we are likely to distinguish between heart beats that are harmful to those psychological and natural anxieties and problems of all kinds.

Causes of heart palpitations
• Stimulants and panic attacks: Having a fear or anxiety when a person, leads to the high adrenaline he has.
• Lifestyle: Depending on the nature of a person’s life, whether he is a smoker, eating some fatty foods, excessive alcohol and caffeine, or taking stimulant drugs. Drugs such as thyroid drugs or asthma medications increase the heartbeat.
• Pregnancy and menopause: Depending on the hormonal changes experienced by the woman, in this case the rate of heartbeat is more than normal.

Some diseases due to heart palpitations
1. Hyperthyroidism.
2. Low blood sugar.
3. Anemia.
4. Reduction of Blood pressure .
5. High temperature rise.
6. Heart problems.

Treatment of heart palpitations
• Some heart palpitations do not need treatment, are temporary and go away.
• Reduce the intake of caffeine.
• Some cases of rapid heartbeat need to be implanted defibrillator, and surgically implanted.
• Medicines that reduce the rate of rapid heartbeat.


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