How to Build Muscle at Home


I get a lot of messages about how to lift weights, build muscle, and get an attractive body without weight lifting, even without going to the gym. Well, I decided to put a special focus on the subject, where I will answer this question and this is a sample of the questions that I have received.

“I can no longer go to the gym, I do not have the space or the money to install Jim at home. Can I build my muscles without lifting weights or any special equipment? Or is the story of bodybuilding finished for me? ”

Answer: Whenever I ask this kind of question, do I always think about why this person thinks so?

I mean, it does not take the genius of Henchmen to realize that this scenario is not optimal and best for muscle building, so my first goal is always to address the reason why I cannot lift weights or go to the gym.

Is there no way to access the gym? Cannot you stop buying trivial things and raise money to go to the lounge? Cannot you get rid of some junk in the basement or garage and buy some free weights?

In very rare cases, the cause is superficial, such as lack of stimulation or lack of friends. Here the problem becomes easy to solve, but often the answer to all of the above questions …. In this case, alternative and appropriate solutions should be provided.

This brings us back to the original question …

Can you build muscle at home without weights? Yes you can! But …

The good news is that the answer to this question is definitely yes. You can train at home and build muscle without the need for all the advanced equipment in most gyms.

The bad news is that the process will be uncomfortable, difficult, and require a greater challenge. but why???

Read on and you’ll know why …

Muscle building often requires two basic principles:

The gradual application of weight gain to stimulate growth. (Ie, increase muscle strength and that by underlining a clever program)
A diet is able to support this growth. (Means consuming enough calories and proteins).
As long as it is committed to applying these two principles, correctly, and for a long period … Your muscles will be built and developed no matter how you use them.

Comparison of used tools

You may notice that I have not used the term “gym membership” in the above conditions, free weights, machinery or equipment of any kind.

Simply because they are not responsible for muscle building. All in all they are words tools to achieve this goal (muscle building).

The weights and equipment you find in the gyms are easy to use and this is to target every muscle in your body. Not only that, its design to build and develop muscles in line with different goals makes you walk the shortest and most comfortable way to continue building muscles.

This is the reason why the gyms are full of different dumbbell weights 1 to 100 kg, or multiple weight tablets, seats are set with each corner, racks accommodate any exercise, cable poles and various machines and multiple forms.

So I will not lie to you. If you want to build muscle, all of the above is considered the best and most efficient way to do it. Without some of those tools, you will lose many pros.

But as I said earlier, you can do it. There are many different tools that can be used for this purpose (muscle building), even using the worst tool in your home can accomplish the task successfully if you learn the right ways to use it.

What about my schedule?
Can I do the exercises I used to do in the lounge and put them in the house?

The answer clearly depends on what equipment you own. But 99% you can get the same results of the hall and achieved in the house, no matter how much training is always aimed at the same muscle and the same intensity.

I hope you benefited from the subject, and covered some of the questions that were hovering in your head, especially if you decide to withdraw from the gym and move to practice at home.


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