How do you maintain your health?


Health is what matters to any person. Every person must care about his health and not neglect in any small detail that can lead to a defect in his health. A person must maintain his health and follow it in a continuous manner.

Things to consider for the preservation of human health:

  1. Eating healthy: Malnutrition leads to imbalance in the diet, which leads to a problem in overweight (obesity), which is one of the most common problems these days, and does not shorten this phenomenon to adults, but there are children who suffer from obesity, and can To be inherited.

Therefore, a person must follow a diet that helps to acquire the body vitamins, oils and minerals needed by the body for proper growth, which maintains the integrity of the body and mind and heart properly, on the other maintains a specific system to address obesity and these foods:

  1. vegetables and fruits.
  2. Cereals.
  3. Low fat or skimmed milk products.
  4. Protein-free fat.
  5. Drink water in many quantities (2 liters).

The foods that humans must avoid are:
1. Fat and sugars.
2. Sodium.
3. Cholesterol.
4. Alcohol.

A person must balance the diet, eat foods that contain calories. The most important thing to eat in the diet is to eat breakfast because not taking them leads to eating more meals and reducing the intake of sweets and not to increase three meals per day for not increasing calories.

  1. Good sleep benefits the body, mind, heart and health: Sleep from 7-9 hours for adults. Sleep 10-11 hours for children who are on the school. Sleep is the means by which food is not over-fed.
  1. Mental health: Side effects is the participation of the human person to share his concerns and details of his life. 4. Hygiene: It helps to reduce damage and bacteria, as it is necessary to wash hands and maintain the cleanliness of teeth.
  1. Agility of the mind: advised reading a lot and learning and solving puzzles because this helps to think and avoid exposure to Alzheimer’s disease.

Although there are no guarantees at all that may confirm that a person will be perfectly healthy all the time or with age, some behaviors are very helpful in the chance of this happening. The most important of these behaviors is the commitment to a healthy diet, Food as harmful as possible and balanced between different types of food and drink enough water a day.

It is also important to maintain exercise and stay active and continuous movement all the time, sports strengthen the heart and protect from many different diseases, which suffer people such as pressure, diabetes and others, and help to maintain the health of muscles and bones and all parts of the body also, the other behavior is to move away For all that is harmful and leads the human to various diseases such as smoking, drugs, alcohol and other various and diverse pests spread in our societies.

True happiness is not associated with anything at all, but we create it ourselves. How many people are in perfect health and countless yes but he does not find happiness in his life, how many poor people may have a lot of diseases that may not be counted, He lives happily not limited to him only, but he sends it to everyone around him as well, so his happiness stems from the satisfaction and conviction of his life and his count for his grace instead of a curse, no matter how few others.

Happiness arises from positive thinking, no matter how hard people face, and there are some things that also help to make happiness such as social life. Studies have shown that single people are less happy and may also be more vulnerable And it is important that the person should not be happy about anything like money, car or social center, especially harmful things such as smoking, drugs and alcohol, which make false happiness.


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