How do we maintain physical health?


A person always dreams of living a long life free of diseases and health problems that disturb his life, so he seeks to maintain a decent body and attractive form without suffering from the signs of premature aging and wrinkles that affect his skin, and keep his body away from the atrophy of mind and loss of memory that has become a disease Common to young and old alike.

Fitness and health can only be achieved if a person maintains a healthy way of life in food, clothing, sleep and movement, in addition to following some behavioral guidelines that avoid exposure to psychological and health problems expected, and some may not know how to deal with their bodies and believe that diseases are related to predestination only, And we will address some of the things that make our lives beautiful and preserve our health for a longer period without going through the suffering of patients around the world, and this can be achieved by following the following guidelines continuously.

General tips for maintaining physical health
1. Eliminate unhealthy diet by avoiding pans, junk food, energy drinks, soft drinks, sweets filled with refined sugars, salt-rich foods, colors and taste enhancers, and inorganic foods containing hormones, as well as reducing the intake of all types of meat.
2. Eat plenty of healthy foods: fruits, organic vegetables of all kinds, grains, legumes, nuts and fish, so that we eat more raw or cooked foods to provide the body with minerals and vitamins, as well as fibers that help digestion and expel toxins from the body.
3. Drink plenty of water daily especially in the early morning, at least two liters a day; to help the body burn excess fat, expel the waste from the digestive system, improve blood circulation and activate the cells.
4. Obtaining sufficient hours of sleep every day for at least eight hours while avoiding sleep because it causes a lot of health problems such as weight gain, insomnia and skin pigmentation, and trying to get the body to sleep early, ie before 11 o’clock to regulate the biological clock and restore the cells of the body.
5. To maintain daily exercise for at least half an hour and to familiarize the body with the permanent movement, in order to stimulate blood circulation, expand the lungs, strengthen the body, muscles and nerves, and improve the mood of the human. Rely on the natural materials used in cleaning and beautifying the body, such as shampoos, creams and toothpastes, and avoid the use of chemically manufactured commercial materials.

The foundations of maintaining fitness
1. The range of the respiratory system, the heart: This range means the ability of the blood to deliver oxygen to all cells of the body, and the taking of waste and carbon dioxide from them, where everyone can measure the ability of these devices by doing some exercise such as running sport.
2. Muscle Strength: These words mean the length of the body’s ability to give strength to its muscles so that it can exercise, such as a weight lifting exercise in a short period.
3. Muscle bearing: How far the muscles can give the body strength to maintain its balance. Body flexibility means the body’s ability to move all its parts and muscles.
4. Body composition: It means knowing fat for body weight, and this is important so that the athlete knows how to achieve fitness, and ways to keep it.



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