How do I care about my health


Health is a treasure that does not feel its value except from its loss. Therefore it is said that “health is a crown on the heads of the healthy”, which is seen only by the sick. Human life depends mainly on its health, and people are not equal in their health and their habits are different from one another. Tips that will show how to care about health.

Eating healthy food is the key step in maintaining health. What comes into your mouth is the first step towards health or illness. It is important to keep your body healthy, including the immune system. Such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fats, all of which must be proportionate to the needs of the body and its daily habits.
Minimizing the use of salt and sugar has a lot of damage to the body. Replace white bread with brown bread. It contains whole grains. Drink plenty of water and fluids; you must drink at least eight glasses a day. Water is necessary to purify the body of toxins and expel them. The cells need water to complete their work. If the body becomes dehydrated, it is vulnerable to viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

Chewing food well and before swallowing it will help the digestive system in its work, and the slow chewing helps to feel full quickly, and helps in the release of anti-cancer chemicals from some foods.
Maintain the intake of marine products because they contain the essential omega-33 fatty acids for the brain.

Stay away from eating fat filled meals and harmful cholesterol, which causes the closure of arteries and veins, leading to a lack of blood reaching the cells and tissues, forcing the heart to increase the blood and thus tired and tired.

Minimize the drinking of stimulants such as coffee and tea because they cause increased urinary retention, which increases the decrease in fluid in the body. Exercise is very important in stimulating blood circulation in the body and ease of movement of blood, as well as in the disposal of excess weight which is the cause of many diseases, and it must be noted that it is not a requirement to exercise hard to benefit from; For half an hour increases the activity of the body and protects against diseases. Stay away from stress and anxiety and stress, it works to destroy the psychological situation and thus the ease of disease. Stay away from the exhaustion of the self in the performance of daily work, this leads to exhaustion of the heart and various body organs.

Tips in maintaining good health
Here are some tips on how to care about your health:
1. Good physical and mental health starts with good food. It builds our bodies, which are made up of all the cells of our body, which we also need to carry out our various activities, so there is no doubt that everything we enter into our body will eventually emerge either negatively or positively. , And it is not enough to eat healthy food only, but it is important to eat it in balanced proportions as well.

2. Drink more fluids and water specifically, the human body consists mostly of water, and as there are many different functions carried out by the water in the body from the transport of food in the blood, or rid the body of harmful toxins, or cooling the body and many others, less Water in the body leads to many damage to your health in both the short and long term.

3. Take enough sleep each night. Many of us are faced with people from various diseases in their lives, whether physical or psychological, which is the reason behind the lack of sleep, which is increasing among people in our days, people are sacrificed to sleep for work, which leads to The catastrophic risks of depression, anxiety and various mental illnesses, in addition to physical effects such as headaches, fatigue and other long-term.


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