How can I keep myself alive and pregnant?


The period of pregnancy is one of the periods that a woman must take care of herself greatly because this period is considered a critical period that can affect women in a large extent, especially in the period that are in the early months of pregnancy, where all the conditions and influences experienced by the pregnant On her psyche Undoubtedly, the psyche of the pregnant woman is important that we follow it mainly because it is reflected on everyone around her also and reflected on the health of her fetus and the health of pregnancy and therefore may affect her life and health in general.

The care of the mental state of the pregnant is one of the most important things to consider for pregnant women during pregnancy, where the pregnant can do many psychological sports that increase the degree of relaxation and spiritual health of the pregnant, where pregnant is the period in which during the first months of pregnancy of the most important periods that are In which the fetus has acquired the characteristics of the mental state in which the mother lives during pregnancy.

Caring for pregnant women: The most important things to consider for pregnant women is their interest in feeding, the pregnant woman to focus during the months of pregnancy to take into account the quantity and quality in the food that you eat, and pregnant women focus on the consumption of dairy products in addition to eating the foods that provide essential vitamins During pregnancy, such as eating fruits, eating dates or wet, they should also take vitamins such as B12, Omega 3 and proteins that you need in the form of Yuima from plant and animal sources and nuts, Very useful for pregnant women, such as omega-3 data.

Pregnant women can enjoy their favorite quiet music. Recent studies have shown that pregnant women can talk to their babies. Studies have shown that the fetus can be affected by the music the pregnant woman listens to. Pregnant women can also practice their favorite hobbies such as drawing and writing. This will positively affect her health and psychological, as the pregnant to learn how to relax and to devote time of the day to relax and invite everything and think about her next child and how will be better or to make him the most beautiful life deserves.

Every woman should know how and when to increase. Usually the increase in pregnancy is between 10 and 15 kilograms. Some women may exceed this percentage depending on weight before pregnancy. The rule is that the more women Skinny and lean, the increase is more than those who have full strength and obesity and the increase is as follows. The fetus begins to grow and has a significant weight in the fourth month, and here the signs of weight gain in women begin, sometimes in the sixth month and below, the increase is simple and negligible and does not exceed the kaolin because of hormones and milk, amniotic fluid around the fetus, placenta weight, salts and increase fluids The body of women, and some important fat to supply the body energy, and at the end of pregnancy the total weight and approximate is five to ten kilos grams and between.

Means to maintain the body during pregnancy
The change in the body in stages within the pregnancy, and to maintain the body and body ideal for the birth dimension, follow the following steps accurately:
1. Exercising light during pregnancy, so consult your doctor about the health status of the fetus and mother, and the best sports are walking and swimming.
2. Eat balanced foods containing fiber, vitamins, minerals, and reduce fatty foods, saturated oils, and fast foods.
3. Eat plenty of natural juices and fluids. Personal care and hygiene are things that improve the mental state of the pregnant woman, and make them more active and self-confident.
4. Wear pregnant and attractive clothes at the same time and comfort.
5. Use natural oils and special creams to moisturize the body, to protect them from cracks and white lines that appear due to the large increase in the size of the abdomen and buttocks.
6. Get enough rest and relaxation.


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