Healthy diet for weight stabilization


The system of fixation is one of the most important stages of dieting so as not to waste months effort of diet in vain and so that the body is not back to regain weight, many people are doing diet and different food systems to reach the ideal weight and after continuing the diet for months and after reaching the ideal weight , The person begins to return to the natural food again without the installation and the body begins to regain weight and only a little time, but find the person returned as it was, returned to obesity and overweight.

Unfortunately, in most sites and the Internet, there are too many diets that lose weight quickly, such as diet diets such as eating one type of food throughout the day, eating only proteins or other chemical systems or healthy diets that depend on calories and healthy eating And lose weight, but slowly, but it is difficult and rare to find who tells us about what after the Diet? What after weight loss?

This is what we will give you today in this useful article that will help you maintain the shape of your new body, first try to lose 2 kilos more than the ideal weight you want to keep it as it is possible to increase the 2 kg during the installation process, Consisting of different stages through which the person begins the introduction of food and increase the amount of starch gradually to get used to the body to eat and does not store food and gain weight, for example most diets give the individual about a quarter of a loaf to live in breakfast, we note that in the stabilization phase is the right of the individual half a loaf In breakfast and food as well as for rice and pasta, the quantities are increased by the quantities in the diet.

The first phase of the installation lasts for 14 days without a free day and after 14 days we weigh to make sure you maintain the ideal weight or a simple increase of not more than 2 kg. If the weight is normal we move on to the second stage. If you lose more weight The first stage lasts for two weeks.

The first stage

The breakfast
• 4 tablespoons beans without margarine or oil + half a loaf of bread
• Or boiled egg + half my loaf
• Or two pieces of cheese + salad + half a loaf
• Or 2 fruit
• Or a cup of yogurt
• Starches (Select one of the following items)
• Half a loaf
• Or 6 cooked rice or pasta
• Or 18 pieces of rice or boiled pasta
• Or 4 Toast built
• Or 2 loaves of a lifetime

the lunch
• Protein (Select one of the following items)
• Text of a broccoli (boiled, grilled or baked in a non-fat oven)
• Or 2 beef or buffalo (boiled, grilled or cooked in the oven without fat)
• Or 3 grilled fish or (tilapia or broccoli) without sugar
• Or 2 boiled eggs
• Or two pieces of cheese
• Or shrimps or spaghetti without fat (once a week with a maximum of one kilo)
• Or souses grilled or boiled without oils
• Or the text of a kilo of roasted beef with red meat without fat or oils
• Or an oil tuna can of oil
• Vegetables (can eat all the following items)
• Green salad + fresh vegetables in or boiled with no margarine or oil in any quantity (zucchini – green beans – okra – spinach)
• Or vegetable foundry 4 plug

the dinner
• cheese + one quarter of my lunch + vegetable salad
• Or 2 fruit
• Or a cup of yogurt
• After the end of the first phase and weight stability, we move to the second phase, during which the food will be free for four days, breakfast and lunch with diet dinner and 3 days after the next diet, then balance and ensure the weight stability for the transition to the third phase of the installation.


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