Healthy diet for weight loss


Why should you follow the Health Dieting program? : Many dieting programs are followed effectively and safely. These programs do not affect the health of the body because it ensures all the nutritional elements that the body needs and does not cause deprivation. Therefore, it is possible to make healthy diet, which reduces 7 kg of weight in a healthy and safe manner during one week only. By following an organized and integrated diet, vitamins and nutrients are referred without increasing foods or resorting to any other ingredient.

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1. Setting up a sports program ensures walking and aerobics constantly.
2. Distance from sweets and sugary foods.
3. You should resort to herbal and laxatives for constipation.
4. Avoid drinking soft drinks and even if they are diet.
5. Tea and coffee can be drunk as needed, provided you do not use sugar.
6. Take care to drink 7 glasses of water a day.

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Healthy and safe dieting system decreases 7 kilo per week quickly:

First day :
Breakfast: cucumber grain + 2 boiled eggs.
Lunch: a piece of chicken without a skin + a yogurt box mixed with a spoon of crushed flaxseed.
Dinner: 2 boiled eggs + salad of vegetable salad.

the second day :
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs + desired
Lunch: a piece of grilled meat + a plate of vegetable salad
Dinner: a yogurt box

the third day :
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs + cucumber + marmalade as desired
Lunch: Tuna without oil + 2 kiwi fruit.
Dinner: a yogurt box

the fourth day :
Breakfast: Bead option + 2 pieces of cheese-free salts
Lunch: Chicken with no boiled or grilled chicken
Dinner: A glass of skimmed milk.

The fifth day :
Breakfast: 2 boiled egg + cucumber grain
Lunch: boiled meat + salad of vegetables with a spoon of ground flaxseed.
Dinner: a dish of boiled vegetables with little salt.

the sixth day :
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs + cucumber + marmalade as desired.
Lunch: tuna without oil + salad of vegetables
Dinner: A glass of skimmed milk.

the seventh day :
Breakfast: cucumber grain + boiled egg + piece of cheese-free salts.
Lunch: 2 grilled fish + salad of vegetable salad.
Dinner: a glass of milk + a piece of cheese-free salts.


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