Healthy diet during pregnancy


Weight gain will inevitably occur when pregnancy occurs, but the good news is that you can control your weight during pregnancy, so that everything stays under control.

Tips for optimal weight gain during pregnancy
Women can expect to increase between 12 and 16 kg during their entire pregnancy, but women who are overweight before pregnancy are advised to increase much less, and obese women should increase between 7 to 12 kg during pregnancy, if The woman was obese, and this quantum is more reduced: a woman with a BMI of only 30 should increase between 5 to 9 kg.

Dieting is recommended during pregnancy

1. The food group from 1500 to 1700 calories
2. «Not to exceed the weight of 7 kg» from 1800 to 2000 temperature
3. «Until the increase between 7 to 12 kg» Choices «one share»
4. Cereals, pasta, rice and bread 6 servings 7 servings – 1 cup dry grain.

– cup pasta, rice, cooked cereal.
1 Roll bread, biscuits, muffins, tortillas.
– bread, bacon, English muffin.
Vegetables 3 servings 4 servings – cup juice.
– cup cooked vegetables.
1 cup raw vegetables.
Fruit 2 servings 3 servings – cup juice.
– cup chopped fruit.
1 full medium sized fruit.
40 g dried fruit.

• Meat and proteins from 170 to 250 grams 170 to 250 grams 30 grams Equals:
• 30 g of lean meats, fish and poultry.
• 2 tablespoon peanut butter.
• كوب cup dry cooked beans.
• 1 egg.
• ⅓ cup nuts and seeds.

• Healthy fat 2 servings 3 servings – 1 tsp oil.
• 1 tablespoon regular salad sauce.
• 2 tbsp low fat salad sauce.
• 2 tablespoons sour cream.
• 1 tbsp regular mayonnaise.
• 1 tbsp low fat mayonnaise.

Experts suggest that it is necessary to use a nutritionist if you are overweight, have a significant weight loss, are young (in adolescence), have a twin or are breastfeeding during pregnancy, all of which require a special feeding system to suit their needs.

For most women, they do not need a food expert. They only need to redefine the concept of healthy eating and eating habits. Most experts see that successive small meals are better for feeding your baby and keeping you at a higher level of energy. It may seem like a larger amount of food than you normally do, but you per day during your pregnancy need 300 calories more than your medical level.

But it does not mean that you are looking for fat and fat to get calorie intake, more importantly how much quality, quality of food, and what vitamins and nutrients provide you.

Calories you are concerned with will cause some weight gain during pregnancy. It is obvious that weight gain is normal – and even healthy – during pregnancy, the weight gain of 12-15 kg for a mother who has no health problems or special condition. Read about the ideal weight during pregnancy.

Although weight gain is not desirable for most women, it is a sign of healthy fetal growth. Some mothers may see that they can follow a diet that they lose some weight during pregnancy, but all doctors have agreed that this is not a good idea at all.

Doctors see pregnancy as not the right time to control your weight and it is good to focus on the idea that you are giving your child a high level of nutrition that will build the first brick of a strong body and good health for your child in his life.

Any neglect in the quality of nutrition during pregnancy will directly affect your child’s health and energy and will make him consume your food stock, which will cause many health problems for you and your child during pregnancy and in the future.

But in the same vein, do not think that you can gain as much weight as you want because it will not melt so easily after birth, any excess weight of the normal rate will wear you later in the download. “Avoid calories that are not useful,” this is the magic rule.


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