Health hazards within your home


There are health risks, and they are growing all over the place, even in the safest places, as some believe, there is something that affects, poses a danger to health, and usually risks in the home, without warning, without mentioning, Or to do things that some may think healthy, and do not seriously affect the health of the body, so it is necessary to take all the precautions required to mitigate everything that constitutes a danger to life, and from this point it must be noted for some of the dangers located inside the house, which may Affect in one way or another health safety, including:

Carbon Monoxide
Is one of the most dangerous things affecting health, which can not be neglected, if there is a gas heater in the house, it is advised to ensure the maintenance of regular and regular, so as not to leak carbon monoxide, to the lack of life and death, Purchased a device to detect this gas, helping to maintain life.

Place solid corridors or carpets
Some people may be exposed to the risk of slipping and falling suddenly during movement inside the house, such as temporary, uneven, uneven carpeting, slippage due to some soft passages, resulting in serious injuries. , Scattered on the ground, not to stumble and fall badly.

Many chemical cleaners are used in household cleaning, starting with furniture cleaners, and ending with daily detergents that are used periodically, all of which lead to health problems, which may not appear directly, but affect the health of the body in the long run. Natural alternatives, to reduce future adverse effects, such as vinegar, baking soda, etc.

It can be seen increasingly in places that contain water, such as bathrooms, where aggravated and not removed, to be dangerous bacteria, which affect the health of the body, especially for people with asthma, so it is recommended to clean, , To avoid serious damage to health.

Pest disposal
Many rely on chemical compounds to eliminate some undesirable pests, so that the place where the product is placed is not usable for days, because of its odor intensity, which often results in toxicity, so be careful when using chemical compounds and remove them Completely out of the reach of children.

Dust mites
It can not be seen by the naked eye, but it is found in dusty places. It affects people who have difficulty breathing, and increase their sensitivity. Dust should be removed from the bed.

New carpet
It is recommended to ventilate carpets, especially when purchased, to contain toxic compounds that affect health, and if placed without ventilation or washing, it is recommended to open the windows for a whole day, until these compounds fly.


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