Guidelines for public health


The best behaviors that keep your body healthy in general are:

Organic food
The adherence to a diet that contains organic food, or partially, keeps the body in excellent health, because organic food does not contain chemical fertilizers, organic meat does not contain hormones, and organic food is characterized by other foods at its cost. High.

Some think that meditation is not useful, but in fact helps to get rid of anxiety and anger, regulates blood pressure, and can reduce insomnia and help focus for longer periods.

Stay away from junk food
As long as you stay away from fast food, it will stay fine, although these meals are cheap and sometimes delicious, but the disadvantages of these meals outweigh their benefits, and keep away from them maintain healthy weight and reduce the chances of many diseases.

Some people consider writing a diary to be just a waste of time, but it actually makes ideas clearer, helps relieve stress, helps achieve goals, and can help resolve some differences with others.

Is early sleep healthy?
Sleeping early can make you feel older, but there is nothing better to sleep than before 10pm. This habit keeps people away from snacks during the night, provides enough energy for the body, and keeps the heart healthy in particular. .

How does anger affect health?
Although everyone believes that anger is not a healthy behavior at all, studies have shown that anger is sometimes considered healthy, as it prevents the brain from the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for the existence of stress, and can help anger to take Making good decisions.

Studies on napping
Studies say that siesta increases the productivity, because it will return fully activity, and mental ability after, unlike the stimuli used by workers during the afternoon to control the idle, and that increase the tension and emotion, and thus reduce their productive capacity, and These studies have been echoed by some institutions and in some countries of the world. In Britain, a group of companies have set up convenient places for their employees to spend siesta, the most important of which is British Airways, and many other institutions are moving to do so. Staff, and send them in courses How to take naps properly and restrict them and their workplaces, such as Nike, which has allocated inside the company building a napping room called relaxation room.

In time of war, Napoleon and Churchill were keen on it, and they saw it as beneficial to them both physically and intellectually, as well as some artistic figures such as Beethoven and Devanche, and scientists such as Einstein, Others.


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