Easy Ways To Lose Weight


There are many dietary tips and weight loss dieting systems that are centered around what to eat and what to avoid. In this article we review simple methods that have proven effective in weight loss and maintaining a lean body. These tips do not include the amount or quality of eating but the practical ways you can do in our daily life to lose weight.

For those who want to follow a certain diet system from the world’s leading systems we recommend the link between the famous dieting systems.

1. Keep a daily diary to write the food you eat at each meal and between meals. This method has shown good results for those who want to lose weight so many nutritionists use them in their clinics. Many people are unable to determine how much they eat per day, just putting it in the food memo helps control the amount and quality of the food.

Avoid large evening meals or dine late, make sure to have dinner before 8pm. When you wake up in the morning you should feel hungry after a short while. This hunger indicates that you did not eat much the night before.

3 – Stop eating when feeling full (this may mean eating 1/2 of the amount you are eating now). Chew the food well and set at least 20 minutes to finish the meal, which is the time the brain needs to analyze the feeling of satiety. Eating in a small bowl also helps to reduce the amount consumed.

4 – take the meal or snack before feeling very hungry. Starving the body or feeling hungry for long periods leads to over-eating, so they ate almost every two hours. And always remember that feeling hungry is not part of a healthy diet on the contrary, ‘it indicates a certain defect in your diet or dieting.

5 – Keep a snack at all times so as not to feel hungry between meals. Snacks such as almonds, walnuts, fruit, milk with two passes, small sandwiches. Avoid chips, desserts and fast food.

6 – If you feel the need for raspberries despite taking all your basic meals and light Do not resort to carbohydrates or sugar. Eat a meal like chickpeas with cucumbers or with carrots and low-fat milk.

Drink water, coffee, tea or herbs such as flowers, anise, chamomile, cinnamon, ginger … while avoiding juices and soft drinks. A common mistake many make is to explain thirst as hunger so drinking water and fluids reduces this phantom hunger.

8. Prepare food at home and avoid eating in restaurants. In the morning, attend your breakfast and light meal after breakfast to take with you to the university or university. Make sure to eat the main meal at home. The Big Mac meal contains 560 calories and 33 grams of fat. While chicken breast 85 g + head potato medium + 1/2 cup green beans + milk cup + glass of juice containing 560 calories and 5 g fat. I was not at home at lunchtime. Then have a snack on lunch.

9. Take the day off for a free day. It does not mean eating too much, but eating something you love or crave. It gives you the ability to follow in the system and removes feelings of deprivation.

10. Take different types of foods so you do not get bored, in many cases a healthy diet fails to believe that healthy food choices are limited. Take some time to identify healthy and delicious recipes, find some ideas for these recipes in healthy recipes.


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