Easy dieting in two weeks reduces 9 kg


We offer you in this subject easy diet can download 9 kg of your weight in a period not exceeding 14 days every two weeks only, so it is at the same time can be considered as fast diet for being able to lose weight in a quick period and so is a candidate for events but before addressing the explanation Dieting Details There are a number of important observations that should be taken into consideration when following dieting, but first of all consult with your doctor or dietitian before starting to implement easy diet or other dieting programs and now to dieting:

1. First, the fruits allowed during dieting are orange and banana with half a banana, apple and grapefruit half a fruit.
2. Second: For the authorities should be power without adding oil or sauce and limited only to tomatoes, pepper and cucumber and salt is prohibited or added as little as possible.
3. Third: During dieting, drink lemon juice or coffee without adding sugar or as little as possible, so as not to exceed one tablespoon and once a week only.
4. Fourth: During dieting or following any other diet, drink water as much as possible with at least 8 cups daily.
5. Fifth: It is forbidden to eat any foods between meals and must be separated between meals for at least 4 or 5 hours and prevents eating after 8 pm.

Easy Dieting Program
First: Breakfast. (Fixed during 14 days of dieting)
Egg or two eggs as desired and preferably restriction + cup of lemon juice + cup of coffee.

First day
Lunch: grilled steak + parsley + cucumber + tomatoes + coffee.
Dinner: 2 boiled eggs + boiled zucchini + coffee.

the second day
Lunch: boiled chicken breast + pepper + tomatoes + coffee
Dinner: Salad with any amount + fruit.

the third day
Lunch: grilled steak + lettuce + tomatoes + cucumber + coffee.
Dinner: Salad with any amount + fruit.

the fourth day
Lunch: Slice brown toast + 2 boiled eggs + salad + lemon juice + coffee.
Dinner: boiled chicken breast + salad + lemon juice.

The fifth day
Lunch: Slice brown toast + 2 boiled eggs + salad + lemon juice + coffee.
Dinner: boiled chicken breast, preferably cold and of course without skin + salad + lemon juice.

the sixth day
Lunch: Steak steak + lettuce + cucumbers + tomatoes + parsley.
Dinner: salad + one fruit of any kind as desired except for the prohibitions mentioned at the beginning of our topic.

the seventh day
Lunch: Slice toast brown steak + grilled fish + salad + lemon juice + coffee.
Dinner: 2 boiled eggs + boiled zucchini + coffee.

It is also recommended to consult your doctor before taking this procedure. It is also advisable to weigh the body before the start of diet and at this stage and at the end of dieting in full to confirm the result and then tell us the comments to re-evaluate the subject according to the views of our visitors and our followers to be able to offer the best.

It should also be noted here that it is important to stop at the end of two weeks for dieting whatever the reasons, and take a rest period and we cannot resume it again only after consultation with the specialist doctor or nutritionist as we always remember, your health concerns us.


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