Damage to sleep with contact lenses


Sleeping with contact lenses seems to be one of the most common things today for many people but it is a serious habit that can lead to blindness in the end. Many realize that this behavior is risky and at least one is the transfer of the enemy. About 50% of them say they have developed contact lenses and make up 40% of the US population.

Damage to sleep with contact lenses

Oxygen deficiency of the eye:
The eye, like any part of the body, needs oxygen to work well. When the blood supply does not reach the cornea, it begins to get oxygen from the open air. Thus, when wearing contact lenses at sleep interrupts the supply of oxygen that reaches the cornea and when wearing lenses is closed eyelid during sleep often lead to lack of oxygen. And with continued lack of oxygen become more dangerous. And lead to serious problems to wearers such as loss of vision.

Corneal ulcers:
When wearing contact lenses for a very long time increases the risk of exposure to corneal ulcers and open sores that form in the cornea. It can eventually damage the cornea in several ways if you do not care to remove and change contact lenses regularly. For example, the surface of the cornea can be scratched, left open to infection, and microscopic particles can become trapped and the bacteria reach the cornea. Severe cases of corneal ulcers require transplantation of cornea using donor tissue.

Ophthalmologist Geoffrey, an optometrist at the American Society, states that people wearing contact lenses during sleep increase the risk of a corneal ulcer by up to five times and generally affect vision and should not sleep with contact lenses if the doctor agrees.

It is also called anorexia and symptoms of swollen, itchy eyes. And occurs as a result of the transfer of viruses, bacteria and fungi to the eye and the infection of the conjunctiva and protective lining of the eyelid. In the case of leaving the ophthalmology without treatment leads to loss of sight.

Wear contact lenses during sleep for one night and continue for six months is very dangerous. Contact lenses during sleep lead to acute inflammation of the eye, skin and central nervous system and parasites reach the cornea.

“The lack of oxygen destroys the surface of the epithelial tissue and creates small wounds, because the bacteria easily reach the cornea, spread to the rest of the eye and provide fertile ground for the growth of bacteria,” said William , director of ophthalmology at the Eye Hospital, Wan Fang, to the Daily Mail. To avoid permanent damage to the cornea, try to give up contact lenses for at least one month.

blindness :
Corneal infections and corneal infections are the most common diseases when wearing contact lenses during sleep. In addition to bacteria, parasites and herpes, which causes inflammation of the cornea and when left untreated, leads to a slight loss of vision and the need to transplant cornea again. To reduce the risk of infection, Adhesive before sleeping.

This condition occurs because of the swelling of the cornea and often occurs as a result of wear contact lenses for a long time. In the case of wearing contact lenses in the strong light or traffic signals lead to reddening of the eye and poor vision and the formation of blisters on the outside of the eye and all of the marks are cornea.

Dry Eye :
People who suffer from eye diseases affect you wearing contact lenses before bedtime, leading to dry eye syndrome and redness of the eye, the feeling of sticking lenses in your eye constantly. And when worn during sleep increases the risk of eye dryness and the occurrence of problems requiring the visit of ophthalmologist to care for eye health.

Eye irritation:
Accident and irritability occur when you hold lenses and put your fingers on your eye just before bedtime. So you should wash your hands well before touching contact lenses or your eyes, and prefer to trim your nails not to scratch lenses. Be careful not to use tap water to wash your lenses, but to use a contact lens solution.


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