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Today we will learn about constipation and how to treat herbal constipation and causes of constipation and easy recipes that help to avoid it and also tell you the difference between severe and chronic constipation and treatment methods for adults and children.

Definition of constipation
Metabolism is defined as medically as a result of less than three times a week, constipation and severe constipation. Once a week, determine the type of constipation you have in order to help you treat constipation easily.

The number of times of defecation usually decreases with age. Ninety-five percent of adults contract between three and 21 pregnancies per week

Very important is the distinction between acute and severe constipation and chronic constipation
If you have severe constipation and have bleeding, abdominal pain, cramps, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss, seek medical help immediately.

Important information for the treatment of constipation
What causes constipation?
1. not to eat high amounts of fiber
2. not to drink enough fluids
3. Tension
4. Lack of mobility
5. Irritable bowel syndrome
6. Gastrointestinal disorders
7. Exposure to psychological pressure. Medicines that cause constipation

Medications that cause constipation
Drugs such as codeine
Antidepressants such as Amitriptyline
3 – iron supplements
Calcium supplementation

Prevention of constipation
Methods of prevention of chronic constipation are to avoid anxiety and tension, exercise, eat meals on a regular basis, eating enough water daily, entering the bathroom on fixed dates.

Cure constipation and house recipes for the treatment of constipation and herbs help in the treatment of constipation
1) Olive oil to treat constipation.
Olive oil is not only a delicious healthy fat but it also contributes to the treatment of constipation. Just drink a tablespoon of olive oil on the morning and also you can mix it with a little lemon to soften its flavor.

2) lemon juice.
Lemon is very useful for constipation. It contains citric acid, which acts as a stimulant for the digestive system and repels toxins and undigested substances that accumulate along the walls of the colon.

3) Black Honey.
Black honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and specifically magnesium. Just take one or two tablespoons of black honey a day if you have severe constipation. Either you do not like its flavor dissolved in a glass of warm water or put it in a cup of tea to scare off its flavor.

4) Coffee.
Alkaline is a natural tonic for the digestive system. Just drink a cup or two at most to get rid of constipation, but do not over-drink it more than it may have the opposite effect is diuretic and may make you urinate a lot.

5) Exercise.
Sports can soften the muscles of the colon and thus relieve constipation. But be careful to exercise after meals for at least one hour.

6) Fiber.
Eating high amounts of fiber helps you get rid of constipation, relieve your pain and prevent it too. There are many foods rich in fiber such as: beans, apricots, whole grains, broccoli, plums, pears, apples, nuts and potatoes but avoid fried. On the contrary, there are other types of fiber that cause constipation such as beans. So be careful when you eat fiber and be careful to drink plenty of water.

7) Linseed oil and orange juice.
Flaxseed oil increases the bowel movement and adds it to the fiber-rich orange juice, especially from the pulp of the fruit itself, which helps you easily get rid of constipation. Just add a large suspension of linseed oil to the orange juice and drink it as needed, but wait at least 5 hours to find the result.

Other sources are rich in fiber that helps treat constipation
Fruits and vegetables
2. Wheat or bran
3. Barley


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