Best Diet To Lose Weight


This is a diet in a week that reduces a lot of weight, while this weight that is lacking is the body fat and therefore the opportunity to be again is more difficult than other systems and diet programs that reduce the weight of liquids, for example. As long as a person is interested in a healthy diet rich in nutrients and poor in fat and high calories, this weight will not return again.

The most important thing in this diet is that it does not affect the public health of the person negative, as the nutrition diet is rich in nutrients necessary for all organs of the body to do the required role, so should not be modified in dieting or delete meals or foods in the program for each food goal in D Body with nutrients required for each body. In any case, we always advise you to consult your doctor about the suitability of dieting. It may be suitable for someone and not suitable for another according to its sensitivity to certain foods or according to its state of health and body.

It is a very harsh diet and therefore it is not recommended as a diet for pregnant or pregnant women. But in a significant way this diet short to be a diet in one week, and better that it is suitable for all ages of both sexes and there is no need to take vitamins or supplements as long as the doctor does not refer to it.

Program in a week
First: Breakfast.
In this diet, breakfast is fixed throughout the period of dieting, which is: 2 boiled egg + cucumber choice + desired to be eaten, preferably limiting and reducing.

First day
Served vegetable salad ( without tomatoes or carrots). The reason we explained it beforehand is that tomatoes contain a lot of salts that hold fluid in the body, while the islands work to extend the body with a lot of calories that fight the success of dieting.
A steak of grilled meat provided that it is salt-free + a yogurt box.

the second day
Grilled or grilled chicken as desired but without skin + yogurt with a spoon of flaxseed.
2 boiled egg + salad dish made of cucumber, green peppers, lettuce, cabbage and parsley.

the third day
Piece of 80 grams of cheese or skimmed cheese.
Grilled or grilled meat or chicken breasts with no boiled or grilled meat as desired.

the fourth day
The fruit of kiwi or two fruits is preferred to adhere as we have already mentioned in the instructions.
Tuna tin without oil or water-washed + yogurt tray with a teaspoon of ground flaxseed.

The fifth day
Apply boiled vegetables with salt or as little as possible.
Tuna without oil, strainer, fish or shrimp + salad + free or low-fat milk.

the sixth day
Boiled meat + salad with a spoon of ground flaxseed.
Apply without bread and do not repeat this meal during dieting again.

the seventh day
Boiled or grilled chicken + vegetable salad dish + milk cup.
3 slices of beef Mortadella + milk cup.

This was a diet program in a week able to reduce about 7 kg as required to follow dieting and exercise, but should not follow dieting for another week without taking comfort and with the advice of the doctor. However, this diet is also very healthy and does not affect the public health of the person if the program is committed as it is without modification.


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