Banana diet for loss of 7 kg per week


Bananas are not the best fruit that can be eaten during the diet for only a few calories, but is also the main source of potassium, magnesium and various vitamins important for health of the body, lose 7 kilos in 7 days with banana diet is a system that depends on 3 days a month only and depends on Bananas as a basic player in dieting plan The idea of dieting from Japan has spread in the world due to its health benefits, especially since more than 77% of women around the world suffer from magnesium deficiency, leaving behind digestive disorders, abdominal bloating and convulsions. body muscles.

In this article you give you a banana diet .. How to apply and how to help you to lose a kilogram of excess weight per day, and also rules.
Banana diet

1. Three grains of bananas
2. Three cups of skimmed milk
3. Water

How to prepare:
Three tablets of the right sized banana are eaten daily with three cups of skimmed milk and the three meals should be divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner with plenty of water.

And bananas in general is characterized by a combination that makes the human when he is eating fullness and milk will extend the body proteins needed by the body and this method helps the person to get rid of one kilogram of fat a day and it will recover the body from digestive disorders and Eliminating bulges, but this method of harsh methods so it is recommended to repeat more than a week every two months.

Banana Diet Conditions:
– Before starting this method should refrain from eating salty and saturated fat and fries a week before taking care to eat water significantly.
– You should drink plenty of water especially when you feel hungry or thirsty.
– Dinner not later than 8 pm.
– Go to bed before midnight, early sleep is very important in this diet.
– Eat fresh bananas only and not canned or dried.
How does this system help you lose weight?

Banana contains a large amount of dietary fiber that remain in the intestines for a long time and therefore feel fullness for a longer period, and give the body calories necessary for him gradually and thus burning these calories regularly and not stored in the body and turn into fat.

Fiber also contributes greatly to improving digestion, detoxifying the body and improving the functioning of the digestive system. It also helps you to fill and feel fuller for a longer time.

The diet is characterized by nutritional benefits that improve digestion, enhance the sense of fullness to contain a very high amount of starch, fiber and potassium, as well as vitamin B6, and limits the absorption of the body to specific types of carbohydrates.

Benefits of bananas:

1. Bananas contain B6 vitamins, which help in the formation of neurotransmitters.
2. Bananas contain adequate amounts of magnesium and potassium.
3. Bananas are filled with vitamin C for the human body to attack harmful bacteria.
4. A very important ingredient in pregnant dieting, it is full of vitamins that a child needs to grow.
5. Bananas help give you a harmless, fat-free body.
6. Bananas stimulate metabolism in the body and thus increase the burning of calories.
7. Reduces excessive food throughout the day.
8. Tonic for memory and mind.
9. Does not need digestion and strengthening of bones.
10. Bananas contribute to building muscle and gaining a distinctive athletic body.


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