8 foods to avoid before sleeping


Every person has daily habits. These habits may be healthy or unhealthy. Before going to sleep, some may like to eat a meal, but do not notice if this meal is eaten before bed or not. Before going to sleep, For a quiet sleep of these dishes:

Ice cream:
Eating ice cream before sleeping is one of the worst things, because it contains a high percentage of sugar, and you eat before sleeping, will not give your body the opportunity to burn these sugars, and thus will turn into fat, and the amount of sugars that contain, is a reference to the body and mind activity and vitality, In your immortality after sleeping, you give the body signals that are interchangeable.
Some studies have shown that eating sugars before sleep causes nightmares.

It may be easy and quick to prepare, and taste good but it also turns into fat accumulate at your sleep, and your body can not burn it.

the pizza:
The pizza contains a layer of sauce and a lot of special spices and spices, which causes acidity and heartburn.
Know that your body and internal organs just like you, want time to relax and sleep time is the ideal time, but you eat salty and heavy foods on the stomach, you raise your body’s internal organs.

Eating sweets and sugars before bedtime from the worst habits, because it contains a huge proportion of fat and sugar, which stimulates the body to activity.

Eating garlic or foods that contain garlic before bedtime, causes heartburn and acidity, which bothers you all night long.

Chocolate, especially “dark”, contains a very high caffeine content, which will cause you to sleep all night long, which means you will not get enough sleep.

If you are a chocolate lover and you want to eat it before you go to sleep, then you should go to the white chocolate, because it has the lowest caffeine content compared to the other types of chocolate.

Red meat:
Red meat contains high levels of fat and protein, which can keep your body exhausted throughout the night and do not get a lot of restful sleep, because it takes longer to digest than other foods.

You may be surprised by the presence of this list, but you have to know that celery known to be diuretic, and eating before sleeping in the middle of food may be waking up a lot at night to go to the bathroom, which will cause you to sleep and sleep well.

All of these foods should be taken into account before your immortality or your willingness to sleep, to get a continuous and deep sleep all night, and you should not prevent it altogether, just before going to sleep.


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