10 essential foods during pregnancy


During pregnancy, women should be concerned with the proper nutrition that benefits their body and the fetus. It is important to be aware of healthy, healthy and complementary foods. In order to help the fetus develop and grow naturally and properly, we have brought many and many useful foods during pregnancy to your health and your baby’s health. .

1. Lentils and beans
In the first three months of gestation, pregnant women need to eat protein-rich foods, because the fetus in this period develops rapidly, and beans and lentils from plant-rich sources should be consumed continuously.

2 Dairy products
You should eat plenty of milk during pregnancy to help your child grow bones, and you should eat more of it before you become pregnant. Doctors are advised to drink 3 to 4 ounces of skim milk every day; milk is a food that contains all the ingredients Because it is saturated with a large amount of proteins, calcium, unsaturated fats and all the minerals important for the building and growth of bones and muscles of the fetus, and also important for the body of the woman, because it contains essential vitamins for pregnant women, you should eat milk daily at 1 liter .

3. Vegetables
Vegetables are very important to the body of the rack. You must eat vegetables daily, whether fresh or vegetable soup, and how it works. Place carrots, spinach, grape leaves, peppers, potatoes, green beans, zucchini in a bowl of water and boil for 10 minutes. Just so as not to waste the benefits of vegetables when boiling excess.

4. Salmon
Salmon contains large amounts of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids that promote the development of fetal organs and strengthen the nervous system. Salmon is a food rich in these important acids, but you should not eat them too much, because it contains mercury and can cause Damage to the body if eaten heavily.

5. White
Despite the small size of the egg, it is full of protein, minerals and many essential vitamins during pregnancy, body and fetal development, where it needs the choline in the eggs that promote the development of the fetus, and also needs your body to proteins, you should eat eggs daily, Boiled or omelet as you wish.

6. Potato
Potatoes contain vitamin A, C and folic acid and a rich source of fiber your body needs during pregnancy.

7. Red meat is fat free
Red meat is one of the richest sources of high-quality animal protein your body needs, and it also contains choline, which promotes your baby’s growth. You should not eat cold meat because it can cause the fetus some problems because of its meat-borne transmission Cold.

8. Nuts
Nuts are important sources of useful fats and omega-3, also rich in fiber and protein, you can eat between the main meals because it helps to grow your baby’s brain by a quarter of a cup of nuts a day.

9. Whole grains
Whole grains such as oats, corn, popcorn and wheat, are important for the body in pregnancy because they are rich in vitamin ‘e’.

10. Fruits
You should eat enough colored fruits, because they contain lots of minerals and vitamins that benefit the fetus’s body and also can taste them in the final stages of pregnancy, so that you will have the urge to eat them after they are born.

Important tips during pregnancy
• You should add mild salt to the food and avoid chilled foods, because they cause some damage such as swelling of the feet, increase your weight during pregnancy and store fluids in the body, but you can use lemon as an alternative to salt and add it to the food to give it flavor.
• Avoid foods that are not cooked well, such as cold meat, because they will transfer the bacteria to the fetus, causing damage.
• Avoid sugars, sweets, and cakes, because over-ingestion may lead to diabetes.
• Do not eat caffeine-containing beverages, such as coffee and tea, because these drinks reduce the absorption of iron in the body, and also cause insomnia and high blood pressure.
• Do not confuse the drinks with sugar, so substitute honey with honey to sweeten your favorite beverages.


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